SDM Documentation

Quick Links

Getting started.
SDM Menus.
Creating fullsize, composite and strip DNG images
Stereo Slit Camera and Streak images
Setting working parameters
Understanding Synch and non-synch modes
Using the bracketing time-lapse (intervalometer) function
Experimental gradual exposure-change time-lapse
High-speed capture of a fixed number of images
Image and Video Capture
Image/Movie playback.
Image/Movie uploading to the PC.
Uploading to the PC at regular intervals.
Continuous immediate uploading to the PC.
Serial Communication with an external device
SDM and Kite Aerial Photography (KAP).
Aids for Stereo images with a single camera
Aids for Stereo images with twin cameras
'StereoData Maker' Grids, Masks and Deviation Indicators
Displaying XML file Data
Dave Mitchell's Configuration Editor
Measuring Synchronisation with a CRT display
Results of Synchronisation Testing
Continuous-shooting synchronised-flash PCB
Damir's Links for USB right-angle connectors, cables and adapters.
Ricoh CA-1 Cable Switch
SDM uBasic Commands
Motion-detection feature by 'MX3'
Canon-hack development kit (CHDK)