Setting working parameters

Press your particular <ALT> button
At the bottom of the screen you will see <ALT> against a blue background to indicate 'alternative menu mode' and 'Default script' or some other script name.
Press [Menu] to display the alternative configuration (CNF) menu (shown above) and disable the normal functions of the camera buttons.
Select 'Stereo' menu.

Select '<- Back' or press 'Menu' button.
Press <ALT> to exit 'alternative menu' mode.

It is easy to forget to do this !

The menus, OSD's and layout editor work in any orientation of the camera and the navigation buttons behave as expected.
In playback mode, images recorded on an inverted camera will be displayed the 'correct' way up.
Text strings may be truncated when camera is vertical because of less screen 'width' being available.



You can use the layout editor to change the position of the various on-screen displays.
The editor may be accessed from Main Menu\OSD Parameters\OSD Layout Editor.