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 Feature request or advice   dimok135   2021年10月9日(土) 4:01    HP Mail
Hello! Stereomaker is my favorite app for stereo alignment. Currently I am shooting 3D video and I need an app to align it frame-by-frame. If I use stereomaker to align frames, each frame aligns a bit randomly, so the whole video twitches. Could you please add an interpolation setting for multi-conversion? For example, if you align each 25th frame and interpolating alignment values between them, the video looks smoothly. I've been writing my own application for that purpose for more than 2 month, but I still can't achieve such an excelent quality as stereomaker can. I tried opencv - rectification, rigid transform, ECC, homography. Nothing gives me a perfect result. I think, I need help. What algorythm do you use?
Thanks in advance. You can reply me by email.

 Show Grid control is wonky   Melinda Green   2021年7月8日(木) 13:12    HP Mail
I suggest you get rid of the "Show Grid" checkbox and make ctrl-g toggle both the grid window and the grid visibility. Right now I'm forced to toggle the check box manually each time I want to toggle it which seems silly.

In short, ctrl-g to show the window and the grid. Then ctrl-g closes the window and turns off the grid. Simple.

    Masuji Suto   2021年7月10日(土) 21:15    HP Mail [Edit]
I had never used the grid view before. But I understand what you are saying.
SPM Ver6.16 is now available. Please check it out.

 Great Software   Steve Crawford   2021年6月13日(日) 21:52     Mail
This is great software. Is the source code accessible? I'd love to explore and possibly add a couple of features.

 3D Photographer   David W. Allen   2021年6月3日(木) 8:51     Mail
When Windows updates to their latest version, I have problems with SPM. With the new version of windows, SPM loads just fine and I can use all the functions and see a page flipped 3D image. BUT when I push ESC. to get back to the SPM work area, my computer locks up and all I see on the screen is the cursor that will move with the mouse. I have to shut down my computer to get the desktop back. In the old version of Windows, SPM works just fine returning tothe SPM work page when I close the page flipped 3D image.

 一括変換時の合わせマーク   Takashi   2021年5月20日(木) 21:53   




    むっちゃん   2021年5月21日(金) 8:38    [Edit]

    Takashi   2021年5月21日(金) 23:57    [Edit]

    Masuji Suto   2021年5月22日(土) 15:43    [Edit]

    Takashi   2021年5月25日(火) 13:48    [Edit]

  AI depth estimation method   Sergiy   2021年5月22日(土) 1:46     Mail
Create depth map from Single Image(Google AI) - is unvaluable feature of your application.
Any chance to implement depth estimation method other than "GoogleAI" (i.e.

 Problem with selecting CODEC   J. Clement   2021年4月22日(木) 21:21     Mail
SPM defaults to jpg, but for future editing I need TIF. After starting SPM it erases the file name the first time I select TIF. It outputs the image with name ".TIF". If I continue and edit other files it remembers the TIF selection and doesn't delete the file name. If I notice the deleted file name and CANCEL, I can then click output and it will remember the TIF selection as well as the file name.

At this point in time most image editors can handle 16bit/color images, so it is time that SPM should be updated to do this. 16bit color is needed for adjusting very dark or highly contrasted images. Scanning and editing Kodachrome slides have such a high range of density that 8bit images do not adequately capture them, but the 16bit images can be adjusted to make them look good on digital displays or prints. Being able to automatically align a 3D slide before editing is invaluable as the defects are easiest seen in 3D, but that down scales to 8bit. As a result I have to adjust the alignment in a separate quality photo editor and only do use SPM before the final output.

    Masuji Suto   2021年5月6日(木) 18:59    [Edit]
As you know, all the internal processing of SPM is done in 8bit. 16bit support is the same as creating a new application, and there are no plans to do so at the moment.

 Full Editing with SPM   J. Clement   2021年4月22日(木) 22:11     Mail
While SPM is invaluable for editing 3D photos, it is not really a full editor with the range of plug-ins and adjustments of a good reasonably priced editor like Paintshop Pro or Gimp... To edit scans of 3D photos I have to switch back and forth between my photo editor and SPM to view in 3D, find defects, and then correct them. This is very time consuming as I have to save before switching. Since photo editors do not support 3D it would be a great time saver to have some SPM features inside a standard photo editor.

This could be accomplished by having the most valuable features of SPM as Photoshop plug-ins which are accepted by most every good photo editor. The most valuable features that I use are: Auto alignment, 3D display, and Auto Color Adjustment. The Easy alignment is also occasionally used for scans which SPM mangles in Auto alignment. To be useful these should support both 16bit/color and 64 bit code. The 3D display would be most useful if it could get around the lag time for invocation, but that might be impossible in a plug-in. Yes, I realize there is a way to invoke an external editor but that is cumbersome, slow, and will not work with my 16bit color images. 16bit color is needed to edit Kodachrome scans and other extremely contrasty or dark images.

    Masuji Suto   2021年5月6日(木) 18:50    [Edit]
I have never used PhotoShop, nor do I plan to.

 Windows 10 warning   Daniel   2021年5月6日(木) 11:13   
Just downloaded latest versions and Windows gives me a warning because of unknown editor so I need to confirm I want to take the risk to execute.

I guess this cannot be avoided?

    Masuji Suto   2021年5月6日(木) 18:48    [Edit]
Maybe, It is possible to embed digital signatures in executable files to prevent warnings from appearing, but this requires paying a large fee to a certification company every year. and that company will not verify the software.
Since it is free software, I do not plan to spend money to get a digital signature.

 lenticular line pitch   Holger   2020年12月28日(月) 1:26     Mail
Hi there,
for correct lenticular line pitch it is importend to calculate with decimal numbers.
For example: not only 60, but 60.24
Please change this in your program.

    Daniel   2021年4月11日(日) 17:42    [Edit]

I would appreciate this feature as well!
Thank you!
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