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 lenovo mirage camera   Hanna   2020年9月15日(火) 12:14   
Hi, Your software is amazing and does so much. Thanks for your effort.

I own a lenovo mirage camera and have been using your software to get anaglyph photos from it. But i have a problem with image distortion from the raw photos.

First i tried using a test photo from a Vuze XR camera. I opened it in photoshop and overlaid my lenovo mirage camera left and right images over the test photo.

I put this back into vuze software and processed it. Vuze software removes the distortion perfectly when you select flat photo. But the extra option to add red+cyan anaglyph comes out automatically and is not as good as your software that am able to adjust.

When i use your software and the amazing Easy Adjustment i can't remove the distortion and flatten the image like i can within vuze software. So i end up getting wobbly walls and floors. And because the image is squeezed together i also have the tripod mount filling up most of the bottom image that's caught in the fisheye lens.

I tried using the barrel adjustment the best i could i was setting it to 30. But it don't fix the squashed image and wobbly floors.

When i use VR180/360 preview all the distortion is removed but the Easy Adjustment settings are different. Any ideas on what i can do please? Thanks.

    Masuji Suto   2020年9月15日(火) 19:47    HP [Edit]
SPM does not have the ability to convert 3D180's image to a planar image.
If you screen capture the VR180/360 preview full screen, it will be a planar image, but basically, you need to convert it to SBS planar image with VR180 software and import it into SPM.

 remark about ffmpeg   William   2020年8月25日(火) 9:19     Mail
On the subject of FFMpeg not being able to do frame-packed to SBS, are you sure about that?
For instance, how about the simple: -vf "stereo3d=tbl:sbsl"
I mean isn't frame-packed just 2 full res pictures on top of each other or did I get that wrong?

 multi conversion dual fisheye to equirectangular   Thomas Huebner   2020年7月29日(水) 6:42     Mail
I have been using SPM for many years. I have been taking stereoscopic photos in 180 degrees for several years. Before that, I cut out the sensor area of approx 185 degrees and put the images together during the multi-conversion in SBS and adjust them automatically. 5 degrees are for the adjustment, 180 degrees should be the result. Maybe there is a code for fisheye adjustment? I am currently using the code for flat 3D. Is it also possible to output 180 degrees dual fisheye in dual equirectangular directly in batch processing? That would save me further work steps.

    Masuji Suto   2020年8月10日(月) 9:06    HP [Edit]
I have two 3D180 cameras, the Qoocam and the Insta360 Evo, both of which offer an app to convert from fisheye to equirectangular.
So I have no plans to add this feature in SPM.

I have created a web app that displays the fisheye SBS images from Qoocam and Insta360 EVO in 3D180 as is.
Qoocam fisheye SBS image is a mirror image, so if you disguise it as an Insta360 EVO image (by changing the extension to .insp), I think you will be able to display an ordinary fisheye SBS image as well. Of course, you can also adjust the angle.

 Thanks   danny   2020年8月10日(月) 8:16     Mail
Thanks for the continuing development of your software .I am in Sydney , Australia , aged 73 .I have been using your software & hints for 8 years ,at least.Although when my 3D tv goes i am concerned about replacing that way of viewing my 3D travel photos & videos. But there is always change .And maybe new tv screens will return to 3D ? Thanks.

    Masuji Suto   2020年8月10日(月) 8:51    HP [Edit]
I also have an LG 3D TV, but unfortunately, I don't think there will be a 3D TV on the market in the future. Naked-eye 3D mobile phones are almost gone(
BenQ seems to have 3D support in some Projectors.

 JPS format is wrong way round   Tom Luxton   2020年8月6日(木) 18:59     Mail
When exporting to JPS format, according to the format should be [R L] not [L R]. Various apps I use, such as "Camera 3D" for IOS and's viewer open up JPS files exported from your app in the wrong order.
Are you able to have an option to save pictures in the correct orientation for .JPS in crosseye format as per the recognized standard?


    Masuji Suto   2020年8月10日(月) 8:43    HP [Edit]
There is no way for SPM to find out which is the right image. If you want to save it in [R L], then you have to save it with the display set to [R L].

    Tony Brown   2020年7月25日(土) 2:12     Mail
You give us wonderful software and I feel humble to ask this question. I am using SPM Pro (64bit) v 6.03 on Widows 7 with text size Medium 125%. I am an old man.
All works well until I use 'Adjust/Color Adjustment/Levels Adjustment' or 'Curves adjustment'. At that point the window which opens is too small to allow the right hand histogram to be fully shown or some controls.
If I use 'Adjust/Color Adjustment/Color Adjustment', the window is perfectly wide enough. I attach a screen shot.

    Masuji Suto   2020年7月25日(土) 8:08    HP [Edit]
Thank you for your feedback!
Could you try this test version?

    Tony Brown   2020年7月25日(土) 19:51     Mail [Edit]
Have tried your new file and it is almost there. Just a little wider would complete the update. New image attached below.
Thank you so much.

    Masuji Suto   2020年7月26日(日) 6:21    HP [Edit]
I tried to change various display settings, but I could not reproduce such a display. Can you show me a screen capture of the display settings screen?
After that, I've made a modified version, try it out and let me know the results.

    Tony Brown   2020年7月26日(日) 18:29     Mail [Edit]
The new '603b' version works fine for me, thank you.
I attach a screen capture of the Display settings screen as requested. The resolution is set at 1600 x 900 in my Win 7 Ultimate.
Looking at the previous images I sent, enlarging the font size in Display has enlarged all the 'SPM Adjust' active boxes with text in them so that they become wider than the histograms above them.
Strangely, in SPM 'Adjust/Color adjustment/Color adjustment' the pop-up window size enlarges to suit and the whole 'Color adjustment' displays fine. Also, the 'Adjust/Color adjustment/Easy Adjustment' pop-up window works perfectly in your original '603' version.
Thank you for all you have done. Version '603b' works fine for me.

 long time issue regarding unicode   William   2020年5月22日(金) 2:04     Mail
Your software is excellent but there is an odd thing, when there are files with foreign characters in the name (like Cyrillic)in the folder and you try to load an image the program gets all confused and won't show the image and often won't show files anymore, even English named ones in the same folder, and won't load the filelist.
Sometimes it shows the file list but loading an image fails and then when you try 'open' again the list doesn't show various files in the folder.

It's odd since I expected software from a Japanese person would be internationalized and would not have such issues.
Maybe it's something odd in windows? Or just on my system?
Anyway it's the same for many versions and including the new 64 bit variant.

I'd Email about it but I tried emailing on another subject and I seems it did not arrive and maybe got confused with spam.

The Email I did try was regarding supporting the .PNS extension incidentally, which is just a PNG file but with the established naming for stereo images.
Oh, and of course PNG also has an optional 'stereo' flag in the header I understand, which you would set for such a file.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月22日(金) 7:07    HP [Edit]
Japanese is also a multi-byte character, but it works without a problem even if Japanese is used for the folder name.
I don't have the confidence to be able to reproduce it in my Japanese environment, but can I ask you to send me a ZIP compressed version of Cyrillic name folder where the problem occurs?

    William   2020年5月22日(金) 8:31     Mail [Edit]
You can just rename any file into word with Cyrillic, like Russian for instance, and you get the error.
My solution if this occurs is to simply rename the file or files in the folder to an English name, or to remove them from that folder, and that fixes it immediately.
So in the same way you can also rename a file to any Russian word (which is an example language that uses Cyrillic) and you get the issue.
No need to send files, just go to a Russian site (or google translate maybe) and copy a word and rename an image that way.

I know Cyrilic has the effect but maybe there are other scripts that do it too, I'm not sure,

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月22日(金) 15:11    HP [Edit]
I tried changing the folder name and file name in appropriate Russian, and it works perfectly fine.
(I tried normal version, not test version)

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月22日(金) 15:15    HP [Edit]
Your problem may be the downside of SPM's multi-byte character support. I've made a test version, so please try it and let me know the results.
By default, "Using multibyte characters in path names" of the preferences screen is checked, but when this check is removed, the problem is gone or the phenomenon is changed, please tell me the contents.
You can download the test version here.

    William   2020年5月24日(日) 22:07     Mail [Edit]
Well I tried using the test version and I get the same effect regardless of how I set the preference.

For clarity I might add that I use the 64 bit version of windows7 which is set to US-English.

Note though that it is possible it's just some obscure thing relating to my setup, and if I'm the only person that has this issue then you should not bother trying to fix it, because then it's my own issue that I need to fix myself locally.

Just on a chance I quickly installed the Japanese language pack from windows update, to see if any support files in it would make a difference, but it did not it turns out

    William   2020年6月22日(月) 20:43     Mail [Edit]
I just noticed this remark about an old bug of another software tool:
"In Windows, ExifTool will not process files with Unicode characters in the file name. This is due to an underlying lack of support for Unicode filenames in the Windows standard C I/O libraries."

And it seems that the programmer of that software found a fix.
No idea if this issue is related, but perhaps since I use Windows7 a similar old issue is at play regarding the unicode name thing in the Windows7 'standard C I/O libraries' mentioned?

    Masuji Suto   2020年6月27日(土) 10:29    HP [Edit]
I can't fix the problem because it doesn't reproduce in my place. Could you please tell me the name of the file or folder that is causing the problem?

    William   2020年7月11日(土) 20:52     Mail [Edit]
Dear Masuji,

I get that you can't fix it since you can't reproduce the error, but I'm occasionally posting some stuff that might help someone else maybe to figure out the issue and then when we know that then perhaps we will have got a way to deal with it.
Meanwhile I'll just use the old version or avoid the parts of the program that don't work for me.

 Mr   Oleg Kosyakovsky   2020年5月28日(木) 18:11     Mail
I encountered a bug both in (64bit) 6.01 and 6.02:
Changing file-type in "Save Stereo Image" dialog erases filename - replaces it with only the extension.

    William   2020年5月30日(土) 20:06     Mail [Edit]
I can confirm that issue.
Tried in 6.01 and get the same.

    William   2020年7月5日(日) 20:08     Mail [Edit]
Now in 6.03 when I select 'save as GIF animation' the program immediately crashes and I'm back to desktop.
So I guess that's 'fixed' then :D (by replacing it with something much worse :/)

But again, I'm using the software on an older version of windows, W7-x64, so perhaps that plays a role.
Maybe all bug reporters should mention their setup more?

    William   2020年7月9日(木) 21:59     Mail [Edit]
Small update that might help someone:
First of all I discovered that disabling the 'preview after save' in GIF animation does help, so it seems the preview has some bug on my system.
But what I was actually posting about is this:
After I went back to using the old 'non-pro' version 5.xx I suddenly also had it fail after saving an animated GIF.
But I found that if I selected the option to remove the registry entries in the 'help' menu (and thus resetting most preferences) it worked again.
So for some reason the registry entries damaged the functionality of my old version stereophotomaker and it's interesting to learn that that can happen. It's odd since I am not aware of there actually being a setting that could cause it to close after saving a GIF.

Anyway if you have any issue you should consider trying that removing registry entries to see if that fixes any issue you might come across.

 Unable to open a MPO file   Garius   2020年6月27日(土) 1:19     Mail
Dear Masuji,

The SPM pro version is very good.

However, I encountered a similar problem as previously mentioned by the user William. I would like to write to you to report this error hopefully you may log it down and fix the bug in the near future.

The file was first opened without any difficulty. After changing the file name to a Chinese character, I am not able to open the file. I have attached an image for your reference.

For me, I just changed the file name back to English Character, and I can open it again.

Thank you for your attention.

    Masuji Suto   2020年6月27日(土) 8:32    HP [Edit]
Please uncheck 'Using multibyte characters in path names' and retry with Chinese character.

Edit->Preferences->View tag->'Using multibyte characters in path names'

    Masuji Suto   2020年6月27日(土) 10:29    HP [Edit]
I can't fix the problem because it doesn't reproduce in my place. Could you please tell me the name of the file or folder that is causing the problem?

 Mr   Lukasz Nawracala   2020年6月18日(木) 5:27    HP Mail
If i open jpg+map grom Phone huawei p10 some of images works great, but some - don't open and close SPM.
Photo is to big for attachment.
Best regards from Poland.

    Masuji Suto   2020年6月18日(木) 5:34    HP [Edit]
Could you send me your photo by email?
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