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 VR180保存メニュー   ROVER416T   2021年4月3日(土) 20:06     Mail
今更ですが、Quest2が色々アレなんで改めてOculus Goで3D写真を見ようと思い、今使っているSPM Pro 6.05で通常のサイドバイサイドを変換しようと説明を見ましたが、私の6.05だとVR180保存メニューがこれなので全く分かりませんw

    Masuji Suto   2021年4月5日(月) 5:01    HP Mail [Edit]
Oculus Goで3D写真をみるのであれば、「VRビューワー鑑賞用ファイル保存」メニューをお使い下さい


 Difficult to find page for reporting bugs   Herb Weiner   2021年3月29日(月) 6:38     Mail
The StereoPhoto Maker help page should really have a link to this page to make it easier to find.

 Difficult to find page for reporting bugs   Herb Weiner   2021年3月29日(月) 4:24     Mail
The StereoPhoto Maker help page should really have a link to this page to make it easier to find.

    shen   2021年3月12日(金) 23:26     Mail
Hello, teacher
This site Can it be used on Google Colab?
Hope you make a video tutorial
Further and better Use StereoPhoto Maker to make a three-dimensional movie

 Bug Report   Eric   2021年2月28日(日) 2:37     Mail
Thank you for this great software, but here are two bugs I met when I trying to multi conv. from 2D+Depth map to LKG images.
These bugs both happen on 32bit and 64bit version.

1. It always crash so I can't convert all image in one operation. It will take many times to convert my image. The parameter all use default value as attachment.

2. The output of files name always start from 0001.jpg, it can't use the name of source.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.

    Masuji Suto   2021年2月28日(日) 6:11    HP Mail [Edit]
I have never encountered such a problem.
If you process multiple copies of the same 2D+Depth image and it still crashes, please send me those images.
I'll check it out.
The file names are renamed because they need to be sequential numbers.

    Masuji Suto   2021年3月2日(火) 6:06    HP Mail [Edit]
I found a bug and fixed it.
Please try a linked version.

    Eric   2021年3月2日(火) 23:08     Mail [Edit]
Thank you so much!!
It work perfect now.

 3D Photographer   David W. Allen   2021年2月27日(土) 9:47     Mail
Just a comment. MicroSoft just upgraded me to the latest version of Windows 10 and now SPM works just fine in all modes accept page flip stereo. It works just fine the first time, but when I close SPM down after running page flip steres, the screen goes black with only the curser showing. I have to turn off the computer to get the screen back. I'm running a nVidia 4800 video card and have it all set up just as it was on the pervious Windows 10.

    shen   2021年2月25日(木) 18:29     Mail
Added the ability to create 3x3 tiles from 9 parallax images for RED Hydrogen One
Make a movie sequence diagram

 Colour Space   Ben Gumbridge   2021年1月10日(日) 3:28     Mail
How do I change the colour space that .tifs are exported with. My source images use ProPhoto, however I can only seem to export images from SPM as SRGB.

 Native Mac version 64bit   Diego   2021年1月5日(火) 6:42     Mail
I have been holding off from updating from Mojave to Big Sur because I need SPM to function. It now looks like I might be forced to update because of other software. Is there ever going to be a native mac version built? SPM is a daily user for me for many years now and I love it.

 Stereo Photo Maker macOS 11 Big Sur Question   Valerie Lettera-Spletzer   2020年12月31日(木) 15:52     Mail

Will Stereo Photo Maker work on an iMac using macOS 11 Big Sur?

I thought it a good idea to ask before upgrading my system software.

Thank you for your thoughts.


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