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 Trying to install SPM on M1 MacOS 13.1   Andrew Parke   2023年1月25日(水) 15:36     Mail
No luck getting it to load using terminal. I'd like to not re-purchase CodeWeavers again. Not sure Wine runs on MacOS 13.1. What can I try now?

    Ian Fleming   2023年1月29日(日) 4:55    [Edit]
Use the terminal command preceding with sudo then your account/downloads/

    Masuji Suto   2023年2月2日(木) 7:52    HP Mail [Edit]
MacOS are prevented from executing downloaded files by a mechanism called "Gatekeeper".

To run the file, it must be downloaded on a Windows machine and brought to the Mac on a USB stick, or the information indicating the downloaded file must be removed from the file on the command line.

Please see this video.

and this page.

I have confirmed that it works on the latest macOS Ventura.

 Trying to install SPM on M1 MacOS 13.1   Andrew Parke   2023年1月25日(水) 8:55     Mail
No luck getting it to load using terminal. I'd like to not re-purchase CodeWeavers again. Not sure Wine runs on MacOS 13.1. What can I try now?

    danny   2023年1月20日(金) 17:56     Mail
the 360 VR app , 3D instructions show a phone with clip on VR viewer ...where do i get this ? Thanks

    Bas de Reuver   2023年1月22日(日) 5:09     Mail [Edit]
Do you mean the page here -> Android > 3DSteroid > 360 degree Stereo Panorama VR ? I think you mean the "Cardboard Google VR"

 dmag*.exe not found even though the file does exist   Bas de Reuver   2023年1月22日(日) 0:13     Mail
I'm trying to create depth map images, which I was able to do in a previous version of StereoPhoto Maker. But with version v6.28 this is not possible anymore because it cannot open the DMAG2.EXE file, even though it is there on my pc.

The steps that I tried:
1) go to Edit > Depth map > Create depth map from stereo pair
2) Click Yes to open dmag folder
3) select folder with DMAG2.EXE file
4) Click ok
5) StereoPhoto Maker error message "Can not find dmag*.exe"

What am I doing wrong, is there any way to fix this? (My system info: Windows 10 Home 21H2, StereoPhoto Maker v6.28 32bit)

    Bas de Reuver   2023年1月22日(日) 1:22     Mail [Edit]
Ok I found it in one of the other comments here, I downloaded the DMAG5.exe and then it works.

Still, imho the "Select DMAG Folder" dialog is a bit confusing. Currently the text is just this:

"When you push [NO], jump to DMAG page.
Download DMAG, then select DMAG folder!"

It could be more clear, is it possible to chagne the dialog text to something like:

"StereoPhoto Maker uses the Depth Map Automatic Generator 2 (DMAG2)
library to generate a depth map. Have you downloaded it in a folder?

Press YES to select DMAG folder.
Press NO to open the DMAG instructions page."

And then NO goes to the instructions page instead of as it is now

 Clean up GUI and move some items to a menu?   Bas de Reuver   2023年1月21日(土) 21:31     Mail
First of all, this is a very cool application! I use it a lot to edit photos taken with my FinePix Real 3D camera, to print with photo service or post on facebook etc. The new "2D Depth 3D Photo preview" option is very useful.

I have a suggestion though, the EDIT menu has quite a lot of items and many sub-items.
Is it possible to split some items into a new top level item?

The items Depthmap, 360, VR etc. fundamentally change the image into a new format or a different layout. I think these could be grouped as a new item, called "Convert" or "Generate" or something like that. Or maybe merge it with the "Web" menu item. This would clean up the GUI and make it a bit easier to use.

Thanks again for this great application, regards

 Canon VR system   Samson Ng   2022年11月29日(火) 3:39     Mail
It is great that there are 180 VR conversion. They look great..

Since there is a 3D video editing function, are there a way that I could edit the VR video (basic trimming) to make use of the Canon VR system.

 Export for Oculus   Matjaz Tancic   2022年8月10日(水) 23:19    HP Mail
Hello, could you please suggest how to create-export a 3D image-using left and rigt images, that can be viewed with Oculus?

    Daniel Pohl   2022年11月28日(月) 1:06    HP [Edit]
When you save to .jpg with a left/right image (side-by-side), you can copy over USB that image into your Quest's /Pictures folder. There, you can use the software immerGallery (I am the developer of it) to view it. Links to the demo and full version are at

 Anaglyph to side-by-side   Nick   2022年11月12日(土) 12:57     Mail
Whenever I try to view an anaglyph photo side by side, only one side is in color. I don't understand why color is not showing on one side.

 SPM feature hint   Petr Carda   2022年10月2日(日) 20:12     Mail
While adding more images to "Stereo card print setup", it would be nice to change titles for already added images, also possibility to rotate images to arrange more images to one paper would be nice.

    Terry Goodall   2022年6月22日(水) 2:54     Mail
Many thanks for this useful software. A suggestion:

I have used it to process images from two identical cameras spaced on a wooden baton, but now just use a single camera and click, move the camera 7.5cm (my inter-ocular distance) to the right, and click again.

In both methods I use auto alignment to process and correct the pair of images. It would be really helpful if the Open Left/Right images dialogue would auto load the next image when the first has been opened, or at least higlight the left image in the file explore window to save the need to navigate again from the top each time to find the right image.

    will   2022年9月15日(木) 20:36     Mail [Edit]
if you hold the control key while in the file window you can select two images in one go.
Same functionality as in many other instances, like in windows explorer, as well as some other programs that allow multiple files to be input.
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