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    Terry Goodall   2022年6月22日(水) 2:54     Mail
Many thanks for this useful software. A suggestion:

I have used it to process images from two identical cameras spaced on a wooden baton, but now just use a single camera and click, move the camera 7.5cm (my inter-ocular distance) to the right, and click again.

In both methods I use auto alignment to process and correct the pair of images. It would be really helpful if the Open Left/Right images dialogue would auto load the next image when the first has been opened, or at least higlight the left image in the file explore window to save the need to navigate again from the top each time to find the right image.

    will   2022年9月15日(木) 20:36     Mail [Edit]
if you hold the control key while in the file window you can select two images in one go.
Same functionality as in many other instances, like in windows explorer, as well as some other programs that allow multiple files to be input.

 Home user   Eduard Pankratz   2022年9月6日(火) 10:54     Mail
I appreciate all the amount of work you put in to create this great software. There is only one wish on my side, when opening an MPO file and correcting the alignment (vertical or horizontal) and nothing else has been changed, the program will not save the corrected alignment info when saving in back in MPO format. To my knowledge it is only exif info. Is there a way to have that included. I'm using
a Fujifilm FinePixREAL 3D W3 camera and don't like saving it in JPEG with the corrected alignment.


Eduard Pankratz

 360 auto level adjustment   Greg Perez   2022年8月22日(月) 0:42     Mail
The autolevel adjustment for 360 images is not working for me.

 Stereo 360 images with Insta360 Pro   Greg Perez   2022年8月21日(日) 22:59     Mail
I can't seem to bring an over/under stereo pair taken with the INSA360 Pro into SPM. I have to reender as separate pairs to bring them in then save them as a pair. Is there a solution for this?


 Export for Oculus   Matjaz Tancic   2022年8月10日(水) 23:19    HP Mail
Hello, could you please suggest how to create-export a 3D image-using left and rigt images, that can be viewed with Oculus?

 LR/RL gone from multiple conversion   Bill Botterill   2022年8月1日(月) 15:15     Mail
Just enquiring why and or if the output option for a multi conversion can be reinstated for LR/RL. We use this in our magazine for ease of viewing images. (Victorian 3D Society) Australia.

    Masuji Suto   2022年8月1日(月) 19:30    HP [Edit]
You can still batch output in LR/RL.
Since SPM will use the last setting, please display in LR/RL format and then convert the batch.

    Bill Botterill   2022年8月3日(水) 14:11     Mail [Edit]
Many thanks.

 SPM for Mac reporting as "Damaged"   Curt Wiederhoeft   2022年8月2日(火) 2:15     Mail
Will not open in Mac OS X Mojave.

 About Depth Map generation from 2D image by Google AI   Eric   2022年7月25日(月) 23:18     Mail
Is there any possible way to output depth map larger or even original image size?
Or where can I adjust parameters about output images?
I tried but nothing changes.

    Eric   2022年7月26日(火) 22:40     Mail [Edit]
I found that has parameter about output image size.
But when I use original image size, it will have cuda out of memory error.
Still trying to solve this problem, do you have any experience about this error?

 Why are my png files looking really messed up when I open them, but not the jpg?   DaMegaTaco   2022年7月24日(日) 15:54     Mail
I am also having an issue when I open my pictures they have messed up colors and open up with half the picture cropped if it a png even when I open just one picture. With jpg it is fine, but I would rather not have to batch convert my files from png to jpg as the frames from my videos and the depth map get saved as png and I can't change it to save as jpg.

 RGB+D AI: Please clarify which Google AI project is needed   Jonathan Leaders   2022年7月24日(日) 5:23    HP
Is it this one?
And is there more information on the Help menu on installation?
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