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    Terry Goodall   2022年6月22日(水) 2:54     Mail
Many thanks for this useful software. A suggestion:

I have used it to process images from two identical cameras spaced on a wooden baton, but now just use a single camera and click, move the camera 7.5cm (my inter-ocular distance) to the right, and click again.

In both methods I use auto alignment to process and correct the pair of images. It would be really helpful if the Open Left/Right images dialogue would auto load the next image when the first has been opened, or at least higlight the left image in the file explore window to save the need to navigate again from the top each time to find the right image.

 SPM on 3D TV as second screen with laptop   Johannes Birkenstock   2022年5月11日(水) 22:09     Mail
Hello everybody,
beforehand, many thanks for this wonderful software.
I have the following issue and would be really pleased if someone had a solution for this:
I would like to use StereoPhotoMaker on a 3D-TV (LG 55UF8509, 4K 3D TV) as a second monitor (via HDMI) with my laptop (on board graphics Intel 6200) and use the row-by-row interlaced mode for 3D-display.
This mode works perfect with the same laptop and two different LG 3D-monitors (27MT93S-PZ and DM2780DM-PZ) via same HDMI where I can immediately see the 3D effect properly with my polarizing glasses, no matter which zoom factor I am using and NOT activating the monitor's 3D option. It seems that SPM provides the interlaced output in a row-by-row fashion properly such every second row is right and all in between are left and accordingly the 3D impression is immediately present.
Unfortunately this approach does not apply to the 3D TV. I thought it should work with the TV as a monitor, too, if I apply the 4K output to my graphics adapter (probably 3840x2160) and I was hoping that SPM would supply the two images in interlaced mode properly to receive the 3D impression immediately. Unfortunately, this is not true. I also tried to set various resolutions for the graphics output to the TV (4096x2160, 3840x2160, 1920x1080,...), however, no 3D impression with SPM on that screen.
Using the same images on a USB device directly attached to the 3D TV I can perfectly see the 3D images on the TV using the internal display tool for USB contents.
This means that I could use the USB port of my TV anytime, however, since I would like to use the TV for demonstrations in a course at our university where I would like to make use of SPM features like zooming in, fast switching between images without change of the zoom status etc. it would just be perfect if I could use my laptop and SPM together with the 3D TV.
I would really appreciate if someone could help me here. Many thanks in advance, with best regards,

    Masuji Suto   2022年5月16日(月) 7:38    [Edit]
The problem you mentioned occurs on my LG 3D-TV as well.
I don't know the cause, but I believe that LG 3D TVs do not have a simple interlaced display.
I have no choice but to use SPM to output in T/B format(Half Height A/B) and display 3D using the TV's functions.

    Bill Costa   2022年6月18日(土) 17:54     Mail [Edit]
I found that if I pre-interlace an image and try to view the file from a USB drive (so the TV does not know it is a 3D image) it does not work --- unless --- you specifically put the TV into GAME mode. I am guessing what is happening is all of the internal processing that the TV does in trying to optimize the image quality is making significant enough changes that original row by row features are being blended or otherwise changed. The GAME mode turns off all such processing. I have only tried this with pre-interlaced JPG files, but it could be the solution for pre-interlaced HDMI input as well. I'll be curious if it works.

 Slide Show List Format   Ricardo   2022年6月12日(日) 13:50     Mail
I like to use the "Slide Show List" feature to make lists of my favorite images or selections by theme. The images are spreaded in several folders, and many have commas in their names. This curently doesn't work because it's not supported by CSV format. It would be nice if you could accept full path names between single or double quotes to make it support more general cases. For example:

11,0,0,0,0,D:\2022\2022-04-23 Ipiranga, Cemitério da Consolação\0423124312-R235753.mpo,, (doesn't work)
11,0,0,0,0,"D:\2022\2022-04-23 Ipiranga, Cemitério da Consolação\0423124312-R235753.mpo",, (not currently accepted)
11,0,0,0,0,'D:\2022\2022-04-23 Ipiranga, Cemitério da Consolação\0423124312-R235753.mpo',, (not currently accepted)

Thank you!

 Adding IPTC and XMP to ExifTool section   PatchesRips   2022年6月7日(火) 8:00     Mail
Muttyan, I've been working with your excellent application for many years. I'm using a Fujifilm W1 and two W3s to take photographs of areas around me in transition for eventual accrual to the provincial archives. As part of that, I use StereoPhoto Maker to split the MPO files in case MPOs aren't still a "thing" in the future, and because PhotoMechanic, which I use to add GPS and keyword data to the images, doesn't work with MPO files. But it occurred to me today that, having added that info to the JPGs, I could use StereoPhoto Maker to recreate MPOs that have GPS and keyword information embedded in them too. Unfortunately, while the GPS information makes the journey, the keyword information does not, and the IPTC and XMP subsections of the ExifTool section gets stripped off in the writing of the MPO file. I've tested this on MyFinePix Studio, and it does write those subsections in; however, it will only create MPOs one pair of JPGs at a time. It would take me weeks of tedious work to do it that way. I was wondering if it might be possible for you to add support for the IPTC and XMP subsections into the ExifTool section in an upcoming point upgrade. In any case, thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. You make so much possible.

 Sorry for my one more additional question   Gungun   2022年5月16日(月) 5:40     Mail
Hi everyone!

Recently I have purchased a 3D digital video camera named HDR-TD10.
I would like to show my 3D video to my friends who have not a 3D television.
So I am try to convert it’s video format from flame packing to anaglyph.
However I can not find a appropriate converter of Hardware or Software.

From now on I found a Hardware named VC-7063 stereo composer, however it’s already stoping the manufacturing and also I have never found it’s old one.

And as a Software I found a SPM Pro, however it’s likely to work only on MAC OS.
I am try to search one which can run on Windows10.

Anyway, if possible please let me know some appropriate Software which can convert it on Windows10.

If the Software is for profit, it’s also OK!

I would like to say thank you for your support in advance!!

    Masuji Suto   2022年5月16日(月) 7:17    [Edit]
I don't know what kind of file it is because I don't have HDR-TD10.
You may be able to convert it to an SBS MP4 file with "StereoMovieAlign".
If it is an SBS MP4, You can play the video in anaglyph in my web app.
Send me a short video file you shot with the HDR-TD10 and I'll see if i can convert it and play it back!

    Gungun   2022年5月16日(月) 8:32     Mail [Edit]
Hi Masuji-san!

Thanks to your great support in advance!!

To say a long story short, I will get the HDR-TD10 today.

So as you say, I would like to send you a sample of the video soon.

Thanks great !!

    Lofstone   2022年5月5日(木) 11:24     Mail
I want to take out each frame of a movie to make a depth map, and then generate 3D images of each frame (left and right), and then put such 3D images together to generate 3D video.

Now I have 2D images and depth maps of each frame. I hope to generate 3D images in batches with stereophoto maker, but I can't find the corresponding options. I guess stereophoto maker may not have this function yet, so I suggest you add this function to the software. If stereophoto maker already has such a function, please give me some instructions on how to operate it~

Translated by software so please make allowance for any mistakes

    Masuji Suto   2022年5月16日(月) 8:04    [Edit]
Although a bit tricky, the following method can be used to batch convert a 2D+Depth map to a 3D image.
1. create a 3D image from a 2D+Depth map
Edit->Depth map->Crate 3D image from 2D+Depth map
(The settings at this time are used for the batch conversion.)

2. "3D Conv" option will appear in the batch conversion dialog, check it and batch convert.
File->Multi job->Multi Conversion

 Can't open images as color anaglyph in multi-conversion mode   Kim Scarborough   2022年5月15日(日) 16:05     Mail

When I open an image in "Open Stereo Image", I have the option to open it as "Anaglyph (color)", which is what I need. But in "Multi Conversion", the input file type only has "Anaglyph", which corresponds to "Anaglyph (greyscale)". Can "Anaglyph (color)" be added as an input file option in Multi Conversion?

    Masuji Suto   2022年5月16日(月) 7:29    [Edit]
While technically possible, it is difficult to add more options to the dialog.
I have not received any such requests from others.
Can you please email me and let me know your purpose?

 Additional comment regarding my question   Gungun   2022年5月16日(月) 3:09     Mail
Sorry for my wrong question.
To say it correctly, I would like to know if SPM Pro can work on Windows10 or not ?

I am waiting for your kindly reply.

    Masuji Suto   2022年5月16日(月) 7:06    [Edit]
I am using both the Normal and Pro versions on Windows 10.

 May be work on windows10 ?   Gungun   2022年5月16日(月) 1:35     Mail
Sorry for my fundamental question.
I would like to know if SPM can work on Windows10 or not ?

 Manual alignment with 1 click   Igor   2022年5月9日(月) 15:35     Mail
Manual alignment is usually done by a certan point. I take a look at the image, considering the zero point with no parallax and then move sliders so that red and blue contours came into b/w in the point i want. So it would be great to make a one-click alignment. I click on the point of an image i want to have zero parallax and the program makes required adjustments. I think it is possible. Auto alignment does not give such option.

Thank you for your site and your soft, i use it for years and very pleased with your high-quality work. Keep on going!
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