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 SBS   Petr   2022年2月24日(木) 22:35     Mail
It would be nice to have functionality to save pictures for SBS projected by projector. Seems like SBS with stretched in width.

    Ned   2022年2月15日(火) 22:36   
For future versions, would it be possible to have an option to stretch the depth along the Z axis when generating the image from depth maps? Sometimes the results are a little flatter than I'd prefer and it would helpful if I could exaggerate them from the source.

 mac command not working to open app   Rebecca   2022年1月10日(月) 21:49     Mail

I am trying to instal on a mac. I paste the command on your page to be able to open the mac file, in terminal. Usually the mac gives a message that says "download anyway" but on the new operating system it does not give that option. So macs do NTO normally do this.

Either way - the command you list on the site is not woring in the terminal. Can you give step by step directions. It says "command not found.This is what I tried in various ways after typing "command""
sudo xattr -r -d Then I drag the app and or the zip file I tried both.

Please send detailed instructions as i am not used to using terminal - the video DOES NOT HELP at all, it seems to suddenly end and we are no sure what is happening in the crucial end part of the video, thanks!!!


    Masuji Suto   2022年1月11日(火) 17:51    HP [Edit]
You do not understand the meaning of [Full Path].
You need to specify the location where is located. For example, placed on my Desktop as shown in the figure is "/User/m1suto/Desktop/".
Of course, it is different from your Desktop.
After pasting "sudo xattr -r -d " into Terminal, drag and drop the icon in Terminal, and [Full Path] will be automatically filled in.
After that, press Enter and you will be prompted to enter your password, enter your password and press Enter. You will see a number of errors as shown in the picture, but you should be able to start SPM.

    Alun Thomas   2022年2月3日(木) 6:56     Mail [Edit]

I am still having trouble when trying to do this in terminal. I am using the M1 Pro Mac if that makes any difference? I paste the text and then move over the app from the desktop but still get the error message when I try to open.

Any thoughts?

    Masuji Suto   2022年2月3日(木) 10:19    [Edit]
To Alun Thomas

First, please capture and post what you type in your shell script and the error message that appears afterwards.

    Alun   2022年2月5日(土) 22:26     Mail [Edit]
Hi Masuji,

Hopefully the image attaches. The text scrolls down for a lot.


    Masuji Suto   2022年2月6日(日) 7:11    HP [Edit]
Hi Alun

I don't know why, but the message is totally different from my M1 Macbook Air.
I've also uploaded a video to Youtube so you can check it out.

SPM on Mac uses WineskinServer, so it may work if you download and set up WineskinServer.
You can find many ways to use WineskinServer by searching for it.

 Thanks   Vineeth    2022年1月28日(金) 21:27   
Hi, Thanks for the Really nice Program, It is really simple and easy to use for novice users like me. :)

 Drawing on photos   Colin Mazengarb   2022年1月27日(木) 12:17     Mail

this is a great program and thanks for making it available.

I am wondering if a new function could be added?

I work with historic aerial photos to understand landscape features and map them. Currently I use two applications at once (stereophotomaker and mapping software) and eye-ball transfer the features one from the other. What I would like to do is to draw these features directly in the stereo view onto one of the images as an overlay. Once finished I would export the interpreted image and georeference it in the mapping software. I would be interested in your thoughts if this is possible.


    Per Bjorklund   2022年1月20日(木) 0:25     Mail
Hi, thanks for a great program!

I'm having some issues with the Lume Pad 4V conversion tool, using a normal 2d image and a depth map. Some of the pictures I've converted have a row of blank / white pixels at the top of the picture. Sometimes the entire row is blank, sometimes only partially. I've been using it in portrait mode if that makes a difference.

 President   Gemal Seede   2022年1月12日(水) 4:43    HP Mail
StereoPhoto Maker is amazing. I don't know what I would do without it.

I'm having difficulty generating a depth map for Looking Glass. I've downloaded and installed dmag5 and dmag9, and when I try to "Create Depth Map from Stereo Pair" and then locate the director for dmag, I get an Error "Can't find dmag*.exe".

Can you kindly tell me if this is a bug, or if I am doing something wrong?

    Masuji Suto   2022年1月12日(水) 17:37    HP [Edit]
What you need is not DMAG5 and DMAG9, but DMAG5 and DMAG9b.
DMAG9 and DMAG9b are completely different programs.

Download the compressed file containing the necessary DMAGs from here, and unzip it for use.

 3D Vision SPM not work   alexunderboots   2022年1月7日(金) 23:23    HP Mail
Good day. Help solve the problem:
I am using nvidia 3D Vision glasses and a 3D ready display. When I turn on "flip" mode in SPM - application goes to full screen version, glasses are turned on, but image remains in SBS mode ((((
Stereoscopic player and sview have no such problems and the image in the glasses is shown in 3D

SPM 616, Win10.19H1, Nvidia 425.31 quadro K600
"Stereo View Method" - Page-Flip
Page Flip Setup - 3D Vision

    alexunderboots   2022年1月8日(土) 0:08    HP Mail [Edit]
Solution from (3DJ):
"someone suggested adding SPM's exe into the Stereoscopic Player profile in NVIDIA inspector and that fixed it, just tested it"
And its work for me

    Masuji Suto   2022年1月8日(土) 7:13    HP [Edit]
The following is a post from May 18, 2020.


I'm fighting against 3DVision.

Sort it out.
My operating environment
1.Windows10 1809
2.GeForce GT710
3.nVidia driver 388.13
4.nVidia 3D Vison
5. StereoPhoto Maker 32bit Ver5.22
6. StereoPhoto Maker 64bit Ver5.22 beta02
The 3DVision all worked fine.
(We need to press Ctrl+Alt+Insert only the first time we launch SPM and view it in 3DVision mode.)

Updated to Windows 10 1903.
SPM 32bit and 64bit no longer work.
Many times, even after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Insert, I got 'This application is not rated by NVIDIA corp' and a side-by-side image.

I clean installed the nVidia display driver Windows 10 64-bit 391.35 that I downloaded from the following site.

Both SPM 32bit and 64bit are now able to work with 3DVision.
(We need to press Ctrl+Alt+Insert only the first time we launch SPM and view it in 3DVision mode.)

Windows 10 64-bit DCH 425.31 could not be installed with an error.

    alexunderboots   2022年1月11日(火) 13:30    HP Mail [Edit]
The developers of "fix_manager" do not recommend using the DCH version of the drivers, try the standard

    Chris Dainty   2021年12月27日(月) 23:09     Mail
I downloaded SPM_Mac and unzipped it, but on doubling-clicking (or opening in the File menu) the SPM icon I got the error message "SPM-Mac is damaged and Can't be opened. You should move it to the trash". I tried downloading twice more, but get the same error. (around 14:00 GMT on Monday 27th Dec)

Any ideas on the problem?

I am using an M1 iMac, MacOS 12.0.1 (Monterey).

    Masuji Suto   2021年12月30日(木) 7:16    HP [Edit]
The Mac's Gatekeeper feature blocks the execution of downloaded apps.
You can remove the download attribute of the file and it will be able to run. For detailed instructions, please see the download page.
Also, i have upgraded the version, so please use the new version.

    Chris Dainty   2021年12月30日(木) 21:05     Mail [Edit]
Thanks Masuji. I used the command line instruction you gave on the re-downloaded latest version. There were several "error" messages but when I double-clicked SPM_Mac it opened fine, and it seems to work fine. I've only opened a few images and aligned them; if I find any problems, I'll let you know.

Thank you very much for fixing this so quickly. This is a great program, and at the moment I have been using an older version compiled under Crossover (a commercial version of Wine I think).

 Automated Videos for LKG Drops   Jared Bienz   2021年12月20日(月) 2:23    HP Mail
Hey there Masuji, thank you for such a wonderful program. I see that you too enjoy Looking Glass Portrait. I'm sure you've probably downloaded hologram drops like the ones here:

Have you noticed the videos of the portrait being turned back and forth? This gives you an idea of what the hologram will look like when put on your display. But these videos take a lot of time to create. One of the people from Looking Glass has to deploy each hologram and then take a video of them panning the Portrait back and forth.

I'm about to start releasing my own hologram drops and I would like to make this process easier for myself and for the Looking Glass employees. I think StereoPhoto Maker can help and I'd like to request a feature.

The feature would basically combine multiple features that SPM already supports into one. The automation would be:

1. Select a folder with a bunch of SBS Color + Depth images.
2. Load each SBS Color + Depth image.
3. Do Edit -> Depth map -> Create multiple images from 2D + depth map.
4. Enable Round trip, Depth map and intelligent F/R position
5. Generate image sequence
6. Convert image sequence to webm video (allow user to specify resolution)
7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each SBS image in the folder.

Webm (vp9) is very important because it's like a high-quality animated gif with full color and very small file size. FFMPEG does support this format, it's just not currently an option presented in SPM.

It would also be nice to have a new HTML generator for this under the Web menu. Something like Web -> Make HTML 5 wiggle previews.

What do you think? Would any of this be possible?

    Jared Bienz   2021年12月20日(月) 2:52    HP Mail [Edit]
Actually, it looks like the Looking Glass website uses webp and not webm for the images. But FFMPEG supports this format too. For example:

ffmpeg -i wig.mp4 -c libwebp -loop 0 wig3.webp

The -loop 0 part is important, so it creates a looping image.

    Masuji Suto   2021年12月21日(火) 5:23    HP [Edit]
>you've probably downloaded hologram drops like the ones here:
I'm sorry, I've never seen this before.

>Have you noticed the videos of the portrait being turned back and forth?
No, I don't understand what you're talking about.

Unfortunately, I don't understand what you want to do. Can you show me a sample (webp) of the video you want to make?
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