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 Mr   Oleg Kosyakovsky   2020年5月28日(木) 18:11     Mail
I encountered a bug both in (64bit) 6.01 and 6.02:
Changing file-type in "Save Stereo Image" dialog erases filename - replaces it with only the extension.

    William   2020年5月30日(土) 20:06     Mail [Edit]
I can confirm that issue.
Tried in 6.01 and get the same.

 6.02 bug   William   2020年5月26日(火) 17:16     Mail
Just tried 6.02 and find it crashes to desktop when you select 'make animated gif'
6.01 doesn't have that issue.

 long time issue regarding unicode   William   2020年5月22日(金) 2:04     Mail
Your software is excellent but there is an odd thing, when there are files with foreign characters in the name (like Cyrillic)in the folder and you try to load an image the program gets all confused and won't show the image and often won't show files anymore, even English named ones in the same folder, and won't load the filelist.
Sometimes it shows the file list but loading an image fails and then when you try 'open' again the list doesn't show various files in the folder.

It's odd since I expected software from a Japanese person would be internationalized and would not have such issues.
Maybe it's something odd in windows? Or just on my system?
Anyway it's the same for many versions and including the new 64 bit variant.

I'd Email about it but I tried emailing on another subject and I seems it did not arrive and maybe got confused with spam.

The Email I did try was regarding supporting the .PNS extension incidentally, which is just a PNG file but with the established naming for stereo images.
Oh, and of course PNG also has an optional 'stereo' flag in the header I understand, which you would set for such a file.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月22日(金) 7:07    HP [Edit]
Japanese is also a multi-byte character, but it works without a problem even if Japanese is used for the folder name.
I don't have the confidence to be able to reproduce it in my Japanese environment, but can I ask you to send me a ZIP compressed version of Cyrillic name folder where the problem occurs?

    William   2020年5月22日(金) 8:31     Mail [Edit]
You can just rename any file into word with Cyrillic, like Russian for instance, and you get the error.
My solution if this occurs is to simply rename the file or files in the folder to an English name, or to remove them from that folder, and that fixes it immediately.
So in the same way you can also rename a file to any Russian word (which is an example language that uses Cyrillic) and you get the issue.
No need to send files, just go to a Russian site (or google translate maybe) and copy a word and rename an image that way.

I know Cyrilic has the effect but maybe there are other scripts that do it too, I'm not sure,

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月22日(金) 15:11    HP [Edit]
I tried changing the folder name and file name in appropriate Russian, and it works perfectly fine.
(I tried normal version, not test version)

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月22日(金) 15:15    HP [Edit]
Your problem may be the downside of SPM's multi-byte character support. I've made a test version, so please try it and let me know the results.
By default, "Using multibyte characters in path names" of the preferences screen is checked, but when this check is removed, the problem is gone or the phenomenon is changed, please tell me the contents.
You can download the test version here.

    William   2020年5月24日(日) 22:07     Mail [Edit]
Well I tried using the test version and I get the same effect regardless of how I set the preference.

For clarity I might add that I use the 64 bit version of windows7 which is set to US-English.

Note though that it is possible it's just some obscure thing relating to my setup, and if I'm the only person that has this issue then you should not bother trying to fix it, because then it's my own issue that I need to fix myself locally.

Just on a chance I quickly installed the Japanese language pack from windows update, to see if any support files in it would make a difference, but it did not it turns out

 SPM Version 5.5 onward 32 and 64 bit Multi Job   Jeff Ewen   2020年5月20日(水) 22:41     Mail
Multiple Conversion , Multi Job stopped opening the second window from version 5.5 onwards in both 32 and 64 bit versions

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月21日(木) 6:29    HP [Edit]
I don't understand what the problem is. What is the second window? Could you explain this with a screenshot?

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月22日(金) 6:58    HP [Edit]
I fixed this bug.
Please check the latest version Ver6.01

Thank you for you feedback!

 NVIDIA 3D VISION    David   2020年5月21日(木) 9:28    HP Mail
I can confirm nvidia 3d vision works on SPM 32bits with LATEST nvidia graphic drivers: 445,87
I'm using Windows 10 1809 and 3D Fix Manager to install 3d vision with latests drivers.
nivida 3d vision is SO useful, using it almost every day, please, don't remove.

    Jay Kusnetz   2020年5月19日(火) 16:27     Mail
Could you please incorporate on the web html gallery? (Make HTML5 Stereo Viewer)
New York and California clubs are using it for online meetings. It would be good to give people new to stereoscopy a way to view pics on their monitor using just a mirror.
Thank You

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月20日(水) 8:18    HP [Edit]
This board is for feedback on the 64bit version of StereoPhoto Maker. Next time, email me please.

Added a mirror mode to HTML Stereo Viewer. Take a look at this sample page.

Press W key(or Up arrow key) to widen the gap between the left and right images.
Press N key(or Down arrow key) to narrow the gap between the left and right images.

Feel free to download and use it here.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月20日(水) 18:50    HP [Edit]
StereoPhoto Maker Pro (64bit) Ver6.00 Newly released
It can make the HTML5 stereo viewer with mirror mode.

 SPM and Nvidia 3D Vision   Jim McManus   2020年5月20日(水) 1:53    HP Mail
Successfully using Nvidia 3D Vision with the latest (5.52) version of SPM (32-bit and 64-bit both work), on Windows 10 Home version 1909 (OS build 18363.836) & i7-6820HK processor. GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 w/ GeForce driver 425.31, which is the final one that had all the Nvidia '3D Vision' drivers built-in. Also works with older 32-bit versions of SPM: tested 5.30e & up

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月20日(水) 6:24    HP [Edit]
Thank you for your feedback,

As for the SPM 32bit version, the 3DVision support has not changed anything so far, so Ver5.50 should work. On my 3DVision, it works fine.
The SPM 64bit version of Ver5.50 could not compile due to an error, so it does not work even if the LCD shutter is selected.
You're saying that Ver5.50 doesn't work, is it the 64bit version of SPM?

I fixed this compile error and re-support 3DVision on the SPM 64bit Ver5.52 beta02 or later.

    Jim McManus   2020年5月20日(水) 7:00    HP Mail [Edit]
I was mistaken in my original post when I claimed that 3D Vision did not work with the 32-bit version of SPM 5.50; it does work with that, just not with the 64-bit one. Have edited the post

    Jim McManus   2020年5月20日(水) 7:20    HP Mail [Edit]
If anyone has trouble with your 3D Vision monitor NOT kicking into 120Hz frame-sequential mode (when you hit F8 in SPM), but instead it displays a squeezed 'H-SBS' image with a text warning on it, just hit "Ctrl+Alt+Insert" to remove the warning, hit ESC to exit full-screen mode, and then hit F8 again to go back into full-screen 3D... that should work

 SPM beta Don't work list   Masuji Suto   2020年5月14日(木) 6:58    HP
SPM beta Don't work list

- 360/180 image preview
- 2D+Depth 3Dphoto preview

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月20日(水) 6:27    HP [Edit]
I fixed this problem with Ver5.52 beta03.

 Error message on SPM beta   Mark Salter   2020年5月18日(月) 7:37     Mail
I'm using the beta with wine on macbook pro running High Sierra. So far all good until I exit, and it comes up with an error message (see attached). When I looked up the details of the message, this is what I got, I hope it's helpful.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月18日(月) 8:57    HP [Edit]
This beta test is only for WINE64 on catalina.
Of cause It does not work SPM64 bit on WINE(32bit) on High Sierra.

 nvidia 3d vision not working on x64   David   2020年5月16日(土) 9:17    HP Mail
I set up page flip to nvidia and screen resolution but pressing F8 or clicking the menu item Page flip for shutter glasses does nothing

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月16日(土) 20:59    HP [Edit]
I think that nVidia's 3D Vision does not work on the 32bit version too. nVidia no longer supports 3D Vision, so this feature will be removed.

    David   2020年5月17日(日) 4:21    HP Mail [Edit]
nvidia 3d vision WORKS on 32 bit version, it was a problem with an old nvidia driver. Now It is working with last nvidia driver version.
PLEASE, don't remove nvidia 3d vision support. Users still using it for everything, and now works with even more software than before thanks to community.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月17日(日) 8:46    HP [Edit]
Thank you for your feedback!
Even before nVidia stopped supporting 3DVision, I received feedback from SPM users that 3DVision was not working.
Can you tell me your operating environment (OS, driver version, SPM version) so that I can know what combination will work?
I do not use 3DVision.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月17日(日) 16:51    HP [Edit]
Please try the latest SPM64bit Ver5.52 beta02

I rebuilt the PC with nVidia GeForce GT710+ nVidia driver 388.13.
Only 1st time, we got the message 'This application is not rated by NVIDIA corp' and show half SBS image.
So, we have to press Ctrl+Alt+Insert keys.
After that, it works fine for page filipping.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月17日(日) 21:17    HP [Edit]
Once Windows 10 was automatically versioned to 1903, 3DVison stopped working.

    Masuji Suto   2020年5月18日(月) 6:09    HP [Edit]
I'm fighting against 3DVision.

Sort it out.
My operating environment
1.Windows10 1809
2.GeForce GT710
3.nVidia driver 388.13
4.nVidia 3D Vison
5. StereoPhoto Maker 32bit Ver5.22
6. StereoPhoto Maker 64bit Ver5.22 beta02
The 3DVision all worked fine.
(We need to press Ctrl+Alt+Insert only the first time we launch SPM and view it in 3DVision mode.)

Updated to Windows 10 1903.
SPM 32bit and 64bit no longer work.
Many times, even after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Insert, I got 'This application is not rated by NVIDIA corp' and a side-by-side image.

I clean installed the nVidia display driver Windows 10 64-bit 391.35 that I downloaded from the following site.

Both SPM 32bit and 64bit are now able to work with 3DVision.
(We need to press Ctrl+Alt+Insert only the first time we launch SPM and view it in 3DVision mode.)

Windows 10 64-bit DCH 425.31 could not be installed with an error.
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