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 Fisheye with custom parameters   Per Hansen   2023年12月5日(火) 6:07     Mail
Hi. I do VR180 images using cha-cha and a 11mm fisheye lens. The lens is not full 180 degrees though. I current use a very laborous process in Hugin to align and project the image from full frame fisheye to equirectangular. The results look good in VR headset, but I would really love if Stereo Photomaker could support fish eye images that are not just the Canon 5.2mm. Would you consider adding something like applying an lens calibration to an image before projecting it to equirectangular ?

Thanks for making this awesome piece of software everyone loves!

Attached is an example image I made in Hugin

 Sonoma 14.1.2   Mike H   2023年12月3日(日) 13:09     Mail
I really love your program but just upgraded my computer to a Macbook Pro running Sonoma 14.1.2 (M3)...

I did all the tricks to get it to work on my old MacBook Monterey 12.6.4 (intel) but unfortunately it hasn't worked on the new MacBook (M3).

Get the error:
“SPM_Mac” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash."


    Mike H   2023年12月3日(日) 13:50     Mail [Edit]
I got it to work...
I zipped the app on the old computer, transferred the zip file and unzipped it on the new computer and it works !!!


 SPM_Mac is damaged   Chuck Davis   2023年8月10日(木) 6:55    HP Mail
Hello - I'm on 2013 Mac Pro running Monterey 12.6.8.

I downloaded and expanded it.

Upon execution I get the error message: SPM_MAC is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash.

Please let me know how to defeat this error and use StereoMaker on my MAC.

Note: I'm a first time user.

    Chuck Davis   2023年8月10日(木) 6:59    HP Mail [Edit]
I see your explanation now...I will attempt to follow.

Please ignore my post.

    DPark   2023年11月30日(木) 0:06     Mail [Edit]
Also experiencing the same issue. Tried downloading from multiple browsers and have updated the exe file as per the website. Cannot find a way around the "SPM_Mac" is damaged and can't be opened message. The only options presented are to cancel opening the app or move it to trash.

 Full Screen Mode And 3D tvs   Clatique   2023年9月4日(月) 22:07     Mail

Thank you for your great Stereo Photo Maker software.

I'm using "Make HTML5 Stereo Viewer" menu to generate and display my pictures in a browser.
Full screen mode : the dropmenu should be hidden because on a 3D TV (SBS50 mode), left and right views misalign this menu.
No problem in anaglyph and fullscreen mode.

    Petr Carda   2023年11月28日(火) 2:46     Mail [Edit]
Yes, agree, this is a really nice piece of software. Thank you for that.

    janyao   2023年11月27日(月) 10:28     Mail
問題が見つかりました,StereoPhoto Makerソフトウェア名が16文字を超える場合は、360プレビューを実行するとエラーが発生します。たとえば、ソフトウェア名をStereoPhoto Makerに変更するなど。

 Love you   Al Scudiero   2023年11月27日(月) 8:24    HP Mail
Love your apps.
Any chance you will convert SPM to Linux/Ubuntu? I have Windows and iPhone but often use Linux for online work and it would be convenient to have the application for Linux. I guess I could emulate Windows but thought I would let you know that I would love to see a Linux version.

Thank you!

    Eduard Pankratz   2023年11月3日(金) 3:32     Mail
Great software. Very good job in creating it.
Is it possible to add the function to have the allignment data to be written into the exif info wenn saving it back to mpo. I mean:
-Open the mpo file
-Correct the alignment
-Save it back into the source file with the correct allignment info

This way and additional file would not need to be created after correcting this only parameter.

 Cardboard VR vr.jpeg file support   Matthew   2023年9月14日(木) 12:33     Mail

Thank you for this wonderful software. Is it possible to convert google cardboard's vr.jpg stereo panoramas to a different format, like 3d equirectangular?


この素晴らしいソフトウェアを使っていることに感謝します。Google Cardboardのvr.jpgステレオパノラマを3D等方性形式のような異なる形式に変換することは可能ですか?

 自動処理について   まる   2023年8月25日(金) 15:13   

 自動処理について   まる   2023年8月25日(金) 15:12   
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