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    Maxim   2024年5月21日(火) 17:04     Mail

Thanks for this amazing software :)

For easy classement in global album, it will be nice to have a specific EXIF data write on all file generated by "StereoPhoto Maker".

For example :

- Write this on .MPO : [XMP > Description > "3D MPO Generated by MPOmaker"] or [IPTC > word > "Generated by MPOmaker"]
- Write this on .JPG anaglyph red/cyan : [XMP > Description > "Anaglyph red/cyan Generated by MPOmaker"] or [IPTC > word > "Anaglyph red/cyan Generated by MPOmaker"]
- ...

 StereoAutoAlign   Bill Costa   2024年5月1日(水) 4:38     Mail
Loving StereoAutoAlign v0.30 on my Mac (macOS Sonoma 14.4). One small problem. If the program has problems doing an alignment, it outputs the message...

Unfortunately, these are image pairs that cannot be automatically aligned !

... and no output file is created. However, even thought the program encounter an error, it still exists with a 0 status which indicates success to shell. For compatibility for use within shell scripting, the program should exit with a positive, non-zero value if there was any sort of error where the program failed to produce expected output. For example "exit(2)" where 2 could be the code used the particular failure shown above.

I am not running a Windows box, so I could not confirm if the Windows version of this utility sets the %errorlevel% environment variable which services the same purpose on that operating system. See:

 Stereo Movie Maker   Peter   2024年4月14日(日) 22:05     Mail
In Stereo Movie Maker on Mac OS, the right video is not extracted for JVC - 3D AVCHD files.

 "Open Jpeg Include Depth Map" not working   Hasan Aslan   2024年3月10日(日) 4:50   
Hi there. Created depth map with ( but the resulting file is png and StereoPhoto Maker says : Can not open image. Then I saved that as jpg but still the same error. Please help.

    Muttyan   2024年3月27日(水) 17:04    HP [Edit]
"Open Jpeg Include Depth Map" opens a file that contains both an RGB image and a depth map in one file, for example, an iPhone portrait photo.
If the RGB image and the depth map image are separate files, simply open the two images as left and right images from the File menu. In this case, open the left image as an RGB image and the right image as a depth map image of the same size as the RGB image.

    Peter Rose   2024年3月22日(金) 8:46    HP Mail
I've downloaded stphmkpro_e.exe to my Mac but am confused as to what to enter into Terminal (I know you've heard this before) Was this the correct download?

    Muttyan   2024年3月27日(水) 16:59    HP [Edit]

Please read and download for "SPM Mac" from this page.

    John M. Clement, PhD   2024年3月26日(火) 14:13     Mail
I cannot get SPM to transfer EXIF data to the output file. I am enclosing shot showing the SPM setup. It shows that I have put exiftool.exe into a folder and set it up in SPM. I also checked the boxes to have the EXIF transferred, but doesn't work. I have the latest copies of SPM.

    Muttyan   2024年3月27日(水) 16:55    HP [Edit]
Rename it exactly to "Exiftool.exe", store it in the same folder as SPM, and run SPM.

 SPM_Mac is damaged   Chuck Davis   2023年8月10日(木) 6:55    HP Mail
Hello - I'm on 2013 Mac Pro running Monterey 12.6.8.

I downloaded and expanded it.

Upon execution I get the error message: SPM_MAC is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash.

Please let me know how to defeat this error and use StereoMaker on my MAC.

Note: I'm a first time user.

    Chuck Davis   2023年8月10日(木) 6:59    HP Mail [Edit]
I see your explanation now...I will attempt to follow.

Please ignore my post.

    DPark   2023年11月30日(木) 0:06     Mail [Edit]
Also experiencing the same issue. Tried downloading from multiple browsers and have updated the exe file as per the website. Cannot find a way around the "SPM_Mac" is damaged and can't be opened message. The only options presented are to cancel opening the app or move it to trash.

    Bill Costa   2024年3月1日(金) 6:18     Mail [Edit]
In the SPM Mac web page:

Please read and follow the instructions under "About "Gatekeeper" for Mac".

 Customizing the HTML export   Gregory Rapp   2024年2月28日(水) 2:12     Mail
Is there a way to customize the menu options that are part of the HTML5 export?

For example, I'd like to limited format options.


 saving as SBS50   Gregory Rapp   2024年2月28日(水) 2:10    HP Mail
hi There. Huge fan of this great software!

Is there a file saving feature like SBS50 within SPM? I am projecting with an Epson 3D projector from a mac and need the image to be stretched and then recentered like the way the SBS selection works in your gallery?

 SPM crashes after alignment   Herbert Hermatschweiler   2024年2月18日(日) 0:22     Mail
I have no clue what happens but both 64 and 32bit versions will allow me to make all the alignments, but once i click OK the program crashes after 2 seconds.
Have you any suggestion to avoid these crashes?
Thanks in advance

    Muttyan   2024年2月21日(水) 10:19    HP [Edit]
I have never experienced a crash.
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