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 Full Editing with SPM   J. Clement   2021年4月22日(木) 22:11     Mail
While SPM is invaluable for editing 3D photos, it is not really a full editor with the range of plug-ins and adjustments of a good reasonably priced editor like Paintshop Pro or Gimp... To edit scans of 3D photos I have to switch back and forth between my photo editor and SPM to view in 3D, find defects, and then correct them. This is very time consuming as I have to save before switching. Since photo editors do not support 3D it would be a great time saver to have some SPM features inside a standard photo editor.

This could be accomplished by having the most valuable features of SPM as Photoshop plug-ins which are accepted by most every good photo editor. The most valuable features that I use are: Auto alignment, 3D display, and Auto Color Adjustment. The Easy alignment is also occasionally used for scans which SPM mangles in Auto alignment. To be useful these should support both 16bit/color and 64 bit code. The 3D display would be most useful if it could get around the lag time for invocation, but that might be impossible in a plug-in. Yes, I realize there is a way to invoke an external editor but that is cumbersome, slow, and will not work with my 16bit color images. 16bit color is needed to edit Kodachrome scans and other extremely contrasty or dark images.

 Problem with selecting CODEC   J. Clement   2021年4月22日(木) 21:21     Mail
SPM defaults to jpg, but for future editing I need TIF. After starting SPM it erases the file name the first time I select TIF. It outputs the image with name ".TIF". If I continue and edit other files it remembers the TIF selection and doesn't delete the file name. If I notice the deleted file name and CANCEL, I can then click output and it will remember the TIF selection as well as the file name.

At this point in time most image editors can handle 16bit/color images, so it is time that SPM should be updated to do this. 16bit color is needed for adjusting very dark or highly contrasted images. Scanning and editing Kodachrome slides have such a high range of density that 8bit images do not adequately capture them, but the 16bit images can be adjusted to make them look good on digital displays or prints. Being able to automatically align a 3D slide before editing is invaluable as the defects are easiest seen in 3D, but that down scales to 8bit. As a result I have to adjust the alignment in a separate quality photo editor and only do use SPM before the final output.

 lenticular line pitch   Holger   2020年12月28日(月) 1:26     Mail
Hi there,
for correct lenticular line pitch it is importend to calculate with decimal numbers.
For example: not only 60, but 60.24
Please change this in your program.

    Daniel   2021年4月11日(日) 17:42    [Edit]

I would appreciate this feature as well!
Thank you!

    Jane Kennedy   2021年4月8日(木) 23:41     Mail
Hi there
This isn't an article as much rather a request for help. I am working on a MacBook Pro and don't want to run Windows on my mac.
Is there any other way of using your software or can you recommend a software I can use to work with 3D stills taken with the Fuji W3?

 bug in stereo5.js   Herb Weiner   2021年3月29日(月) 4:13     Mail
If any of the JPG files have spaces in their names, clicking on the corresponding thumbnail image opens the first image rather than the correct image.

The problem is that after Param = Param.substring(1,Param.length); Param contains %20 in place of each of the spaces, so the following for loop does not find a match.

The solution is to add the following statement prior to the for loop: Param = Param.replace(/%20/g, " ");

    Masuji Suto   2021年4月5日(月) 5:14    HP Mail [Edit]
Thank you for pointing this out. I've never used filenames with spaces, so I wasn't aware of it.
Please take care of it by removing spaces from the file name, etc.

 Web | Make html stereo viewer   Theo van Dam   2021年3月31日(水) 0:02     Mail
This is a great feature of SPM!
When selected filenames have upper-case letters one is offered a service to convert these to lower-case.
With "yes", the code of the index_m.html file contains the lower-case filenames for pictures and thumbnail pictures.
The files were renamed to lower-case but unfortunately the thumb files are not created in lower-case.
A webbrowser now cannot show the thumb images in the uploaded index_m file.

    Masuji Suto   2021年4月5日(月) 5:06    HP Mail [Edit]
Thank you for pointing this out. I hadn't noticed that.
The FTP software I use, "FFFTP", has a function that "converts all file names to lower case and uploads them", I always use it.
I think there is other software that can convert file names to lower case, so please use it.

 VR180保存メニュー   ROVER416T   2021年4月3日(土) 20:06     Mail
今更ですが、Quest2が色々アレなんで改めてOculus Goで3D写真を見ようと思い、今使っているSPM Pro 6.05で通常のサイドバイサイドを変換しようと説明を見ましたが、私の6.05だとVR180保存メニューがこれなので全く分かりませんw

    Masuji Suto   2021年4月5日(月) 5:01    HP Mail [Edit]
Oculus Goで3D写真をみるのであれば、「VRビューワー鑑賞用ファイル保存」メニューをお使い下さい


 Difficult to find page for reporting bugs   Herb Weiner   2021年3月29日(月) 6:38     Mail
The StereoPhoto Maker help page should really have a link to this page to make it easier to find.

 Difficult to find page for reporting bugs   Herb Weiner   2021年3月29日(月) 4:24     Mail
The StereoPhoto Maker help page should really have a link to this page to make it easier to find.

    shen   2021年3月12日(金) 23:26     Mail
Hello, teacher
This site Can it be used on Google Colab?
Hope you make a video tutorial
Further and better Use StereoPhoto Maker to make a three-dimensional movie
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