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i3DMovieMaker is a 3D video/still image editing application for iPhone/iPad.

With the latest version, smart glasses such as XREAL Air2/VITURE One can now be used to view 3D images as powerful as a large screen. Audio playback of movies is also supported.
In addition to the original in-app 3D camera functionality, I have implemented to read and write spatial video/spatial photos which was developed for Apple Vison Pro, and also implemented real-time 3D conversion using depth maps embedded in portrait photos and cinematic videos.
I have tried to incorporate all the 3D-related functions possible on the iPhone into this application. I hope you will make use of it.

For more information on "3D viewing with Smart Glasses"

For more information on "Reading and Writing Spatial Video/Spatial Photographs," click here.

Click here for more information on the "Cinematic Video/Portrait Photo 3D Conversion Feature".

It can convert and display 3D video (left and right separately, half-width SBS, full-width SBS) and 3D still images (left and right separately, SBS) to various stereo formats (left and right separately, half-width SBS, full-width SBS, LR/RL, various anaglyphs).
You can adjust the position of the left and right images, cropping, and edit the cut of the beginning and end of the video.

You can easily edit 3D videos shot with i3DMovieCam, App built-in camera, 3D cameras, and 3D movie cameras.

In-app purchase is required to use the video saving function, but all other functions are free of charge.

(Note) About Zoom Ratio
The Zoom Ratio setting does not change the zoom ratio of each of the left and right cameras, but rather sets the zoom ratio for the left and right cameras as one dual camera. For example, in the case of a combination of a standard and a telephoto camera, where the telephoto camera is twice the standard camera If you set a zoom ratio of 1 to 2x Standard lens: set zoom ratio Telephoto lens: 2x (minimum value for telephoto camera) When set to 2x or more Both the standard and telephoto lenses will have the zoom magnification you set. This is not an app-side behavior, but an iOS-side behavior. Therefore, enter the minimum zoom ratio for the telephoto side in the zoom ratio setting. If the size of the left and right images do not match even after changing the setting values, use "Stereo Movie Maker FF" or other software for post-processing to adjust the size of the left and right images.

This application is exclusively for iPhoneXS/11/12 series and 13Pro series or later. This app uses the two side-by-side cameras on the back of these models to take 3D video/still images. As shown in the figure below, the iPhone13/14/15 cameras are positioned at an angle, so correct 3D shooting is not possible.

In the iPhone11Pro/12Pro/13Pro/14Pro, the main and telephoto trinocular cameras are aligned side by side.
On the iPhone15Pro (Max), the camera arrangement has changed so that the main and ultra-wide angle are now side by side (the main and ultra-wide angle are automatically used).

Examples of editing 3D video taken with a 3D camera with i3DMovieMaker

File button
Open media files
Open movies (left and right separately, full-width SBS, half-width SBS, Spatial Video) or still images (left and right separately, full-width SBS, Spatial Photo). Selecting Left and Right two files or selecting one SBS file. For video, select one file to check whether it is a full-width or half-width SBS or Spatial Video. If the left and right sides are opened in reverse, press theL/R button at the bottom of the screen to swap the left and right sides.
Save movie
Export the video to the Photos folder in the stereo format shown. If the video size is larger than 2160 pixels in height or width, hevc(H265) will be used. While saving the video, press any button to abort the saving (it will not be saved).
Save photo
Saves a still image to the photo folder in the stereo format shown. For video, save the displayed frame image.
Movie trimming
You can cut off the front and back of the video and save only the necessary part as a separate video. However, the size of the video will be 1280x720 Max.
Open this help file.
Displays the application settings screen.
Crop button
You can crop any area of your video or still image. Set a rectangle cropping area by touch scrolling and using the fixed aspect ratio buttons ([org], [16:9], [4:3], [1:1]) at the bottom, then press the OK button to apply the cropping. You can redo it as many times as you like. After cropping, the original image size will be resized as the maximum size.
Stereo Type switching Button

In the latest version, Top/Bottom and half-height Top/Bottom have been added. The SBS(Cross) setting has been removed. Instead, please use the "L/R" buttons as needed.
Select your favorite stereo format from Left/Right, LR/RL, various anaglyphs, SBS, and HSBS,T/B,H_T/B. The selected stereo format will be displayed and saved.
L/R button
Swap the left and right images.
Pause/Play button
Toggles between playing and pausing the video. The video will be played repeatedly.
If you want to play from the beginning, select File => "Play from Start".
Camera button
For iPhone XS/11/12, the stereo camera will be activated. For all other models, the single camera will be activated.
The stereo camera saves videos in separate left and right files, and still images in SBS format. When the camera is closed, the last saved video or still image will be displayed on the main screen.
A single camera can shoot 2D video/still images as usual. You can take two pictures by shifting them left and right, and open them from the File menu on the main screen to make a stereo picture.
Left and right position adjustment
Scroll left and right with one finger on the main screen image to adjust left and right, and scroll up and down with two fingers to adjust up and down. If you turn on "Tap to switch full-screen anaglyph" in the settings, tapping on the image will switch to full screen anaglyph adjustment mode, which makes it easier to adjust. Tap on the screen again to return to the previous screen.
In the latest version, when "Tap to switch full-screen anaglyph" is turned on in the settings, adjustment is possible only in full screen anaglyph adjustment mode, and left/right position adjustment is not possible during normal display. This is in response to complaints that the left and right positions are unintentionally changed during normal display.
full screen display
Long tap on the displayed image to display it in full screen. Long-tap again to return to full screen.

Examples of editing 3D video taken with a 3D camera with i3DMovieMaker

1. Panasonic DMC-3D1
Movies shot with the 3D1 will be saved in the folder \PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM in the SD card as a movie file with the extension .MTS.
Use ffmpeg.exe to convert the video to an mp4 video that can be read by iOS.
Input file name: 00001.MTS
Output file name:00001.MP4
[ffmpeg.exe -i 00001.MTS -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p 00001.MP4]
Transfer the converted 00001.MP4 to your iPhone/iPad and select this file in i3DMovieCam's "Open media files" and open it with "Half SBS".

2. Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W3
Movies taken with W3 will be saved in the same folder as photos as a movie file with the extension .AVI.
Use ffmpeg.exe to convert the video into two mp4 videos, left and right, which can be read by iOS.
Input file name: DSCF0001.AVI
Output file name:DSCF0001_L.MP4(Left) DSCF0001_R.MP4(Right)
[ffmpeg.exe -i DSCF0001.AVI -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p DSCF0001_L.MP4]
[ffmpeg.exe -i DSCF0001.AVI -map 0:2 -map 0:1 -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p DSCF0001_R.MP4]
Transfer the converted DSCF0001_L.MP4/DSCF0001_R.MP4 to your iPhone/iPad and open these two files in i3DMovieCam's "Open media files".

batch file(conv_bat.zip)
Download this zip file and store ffmpeg.exe in the extracted folder.
mtstomp4.bat : Drop the MTS file you shot with 3D1 onto this icon, and the converted MP4 file will be created in the same folder.
avitomp4.bat : Drop the AVI file you shot with W3 onto this icon, and you will get two converted left and right MP4 files in the same folder.
Download ffmpeg.exe from here.
Download FFmpeg(official site)