3D viewing with Smart Glasses

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Smart glasses that can be worn like glasses and enable 3D viewing like a large screen are now available in an increasing number of options, such as XREAL Air2/VITURE One/Rokid Max.
(I have tested with VITURE One and have received worked reports of XREAL Air2 Pro, but not Rokid Max.)
Since the iPhone 15, the terminal has become USB-C, allowing smart glasses to be connected directly to it.
However, even if simply connected, the smartphone screen is simply cloned and displayed on the smart glasses, so i have added a smart glasses-compatible function to this application to enable full-screen 3D display on the smart glasses.
This allows you to enjoy watching 3D videos and 3D photos supported by this application with smart glasses as powerful as a large screen.
Note: Smart Glass 3D (3840x1080) cannot be displayed on iPhone 14 or earlier models with Lightning connector because the maximum external video output is 1920x1080.

How to use Smart Glasses and this application
1.The following settings are required to use Smart Glasses.
File => Settings => Turn off "Use Looking Glass" (see below)
2.Settings when using Smart Glasses
The 3D display format should be "Para"(parallel method, separate left and right display).
Zoom ratio should be set to 100% (pinch on the screen to change the ratio, but set it to MAX (100%)).
If left and right are viewed oppositely, press the "L/R" button and use "R/L".

3.Connect smart glasses.
When the smart glasses are in 2D mode, the same SBS image is displayed on both left and right monitors.
When the smart glasses are manually switched to 3D mode (see figure below), the display switches to 3D video display.

4.Control on the phone side.
By swiping the phone screen to the right or left, you can switch between images in an album.
Load a new file: File => Open media files
For videos:"Pause" button to pause, File => Play from Start.
Volume control should be adjusted on the smart glasses side.
If you press the side button on the iPhone, the iPhone screen will turn black, but Smart Glass will continue to display. To stop, close the application.