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O Open Stereo Movie
Stereo Webcam Live viewing and recording from a single or pair of webcams
Close Close Stereo Movie
Preferences Choose spacing for GDI fullscreen, side-by-side movies and also GDI or DirectDraw mode.
Command Line Preferences Command Line Preferences
Delete MRU files The most-recently-used (MRU) files are displayed, this deletes them.
exit Exit program
Input Side-by-Side 100% Side-by-side (100%),
Side-by-Side 50% Side-by-side(50%) format is where each movie frame is horizontally-compressed to half of original width.
Interlaced Interlaced format may have the left image in the odd or even lines
A/B 100% Above/Below (100%)
A/B 50% Above/Below(50%) format is where each movie frame is vertically-compressed to half of it's original height.
A/B 47.5% Above/Below(47.5%) is similar except the two frames are compressed a bit more and are separated by a black band that occupies 5% of the composite-image height.
Stereo Source F5 Replay the original image without modification.
Side F11 View left or right movie only. Press 'X' to swap-over.
Side-by-Side F9 Side-by-side for Parallel or Cross-eyed viewing
Mirror Left Shift+F9 Horizontally-mirror the left movie
Mirror Right Ctrl+F9 Horizontally-mirror the right movie
Mirror Both (left/right) Alt+F9 Horizontally-mirror both left and right movies
red/cyan F6 Anaglyph image(red-cyan)
red/green Anaglyph image(red-green)
red/blue Anaglyph image(red-blue)
color F7 Color anaglyph image(red-cyan)
half color Half color anaglyph image(red-cyan). Red channel is converted to grayscale to reduce 'retinal rivalry' with strongly colored subjects
Interlaced F4 Displays an image suitable for compatible shutter-glasses and interlacing hardware.
Sharp 3D LCD Shift+F4 Vertical interlacing display for Sharp 3D LCD and similar
IZ3D Monitor Ctrl+F8 Custom format for IZ3D monitor
Swap L/R X Swaps the images, left for right.
3D(Page-Flip) Page-Flip F8 Display video at full-resolution using page-flipping and liquid-crystal shutter-glasses
Page-Flip Setting. Select stereo-driver, screen resolution and color-depth. Resolution/color-depth do not apply to OpenGL.
Control Play P Play the movie
Stop S Stop the movie
Mute M Disable the sound.
Repeat R Continuously replay the movie
Next frame Space Single-step to next frame.
Image Size(50%) I 50% of the original image size
Image Size(75%) T 75% of the original image size
Image Size(100%) J Display at original size
Image Size(200%) W Double the original image size (200%)
Mouse Wheel PageUp/PageDown Zoom the movie in and out with mousewheel or keys
Custom Size. C Display at user-defined size.
Fullscreen Enter/ F Fullscreen mode (to return to SMP window, press 'Enter' or the 'F' key again. To display Help information on key-use press 'F1' .).
Dual Fullscreen (L Ref) Alt+Enter or D Dual Fullscreen mode for monitors or projectors, left device is primary.
Dual Fullscreen (R Ref) Ctrl+Alt+Enter or Ctrl+D Dual Fullscreen mode for monitors or projectors, right device is primary.
Speed Speed up Right Arrow Increase replay speed
Slow down Left Arrow Decrease replay speed
Nomal Speed Down Arrow Replay at original speed
Half Speed Replay at half the original speed
Double Speed Replay at double the original speed
Help Help F1 or H Display the Help file
Help (WEB) Access the latest SMP Help file on the WEB.
About. Display version and copyright information
(Scroll) Start button Move synchronous replay position to the start of the movie.
Move to any replay position in the movie. Click arrows to move forwards/backwards by one frame or drag scrollbar to any position.
End button Move replay position to the end of the movie.

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