Stereo Display Formats

Most stereo-viewing formats are supported.

To choose any of the formats shown below, select from Menu 'Stereo' options or from the toolbar.


The original image is displayed without modification.


The left or right image only is shown. Swap-over with 'X' key.

Side-by-side Parallel Viewing...

Left image displayed on left, right image on right.
Press 'X' to swap images.

Side-by-side Cross-eyed Viewing...

Left image displayed on right, right image on left.
Press 'X' to swap images.

Mirror Left...

Horizontally-mirror the left movie

Mirror Right...

Horizontally-mirror the right movie

Mirror Both...

Horizontally-mirror both left and right movies

Gray Anaglyph)...

Mode above is for red/blue glasses.
Choose the colors which are most comfortable to view from red/cyan, red/green, red/blue.

Color Anaglyph)...

This mode is for red/cyan glasses.
Half-color modes reduces red image to grayscale allowing strongly-colored subjects to be viewed with less 'retinal rivalry' .


This display mode is for compatible liquid crystal glasses and graphics-card/external controller.
The left and right images are stored in the odd and even lines (not necessarily in that order).

Sharp 3D LCD

This is intended for the proprietary Sharp 3D LCD format.
Left and right images are stored in the odd and even columns of the display.
The display is full screen mode only.
The image may be zoomed in and out using the mouse wheel.
Pressing <W> doubles the image-size.
The "F1" key displays Help information.

IZ3D Monitor

To use the IZ3D monitor, set Dual Full-screen mode (Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Alt+Enter).

Liquid-crystal shutter-glasses...

Each image is 'page-flipped' at high speed and synchronised to the shutter glasses.
This mode is supported by Winx3D, NVidia or quad-buffered OpenGL stereo drivers and NVidia 3D Vision.
The movie is replayed in Fullscreen mode.

The "F1" key displays Help information