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Because 'StereoMovie Player' (SMP) uses DirectShow, it supports any video filetypes that can be replayed with 'WindowsMedia Player' (such as MPEG, AVI, WMV).
Unsupported formats (MP4, MOV, etc.) can be played by installing a separate DirectShow filter.

SMP supports numerous stereo file-types such as Side-by-Side, Above/Below and Interlaced. For stereo display, the movies may be free-viewed side-by-side (parallel or cross-eyed), various monochrome or color Anaglyph modes, vertically-interlaced for the Sharp 3D LCD and horizontally-interlaced or page-flipped for shutter-glasses.

Install Directshow filter
By installing the DirectShow filter pack called "LAV Filters", you can play various types of videos such as MP4 (H264, H265) and MOV files.
Click here to learn how to install DirectShow Filters.

However, please note that 3D AVI shot with Fujifilm's 3D camera cannot be played back if a DirectShow filter (Splitter) is separately installed, since AVIs are supported as standard.

StereoMovie Player Ver1.00 277kByte 20/Feb/2023
StereoMovie Player Ver0.41 include help file 989kByte 26/May/2010

Online help

Ver0.41(26/May/2010) -> 1.00(20/Feb/2023)
1. Fixed an issue where the width of the video must be a multiple of 4 or the video will be distorted.
2. Fixed an issue where some video codecs could not play left and right videos separately.(0x80040212)
3. When "LAV Filters" is installed, the codec of "LAV Filters" will be used preferentially.(Corresponds to the problem that large size MP4 videos cannot be played using Microsoft codecs.)
4. In a multi-monitor environment, it is now possible to select one or more monitors for full-screen display. For a detailed explanation, please click here.

Ver0.40 -> 0.41
The synchronisation problem when choosing Fuji 3D-AVI or opening L/R Movies(W) been fixed.

Ver0.31 -> 0.40
'StereoMovie Player' (SMP) now also supports nVidia 3D Vision and the iZ3D monitor.
The synchronisation problem when choosing Fuji 3D-AVI or opening L/R Movies(W) been fixed.

Ver0.27 -> 0.31
The latest version of SMP allows you to open and play 3D-AVI (Stereo AVI) files as produced by the Fuji FinePix Real3D W1 camera.
Support Left/Right independent movies input.
Support Buffering streaming play

Ver0.25 -> 0.27
The latest release of 'StereoMovie Player' supports fullscreen viewing on dual monitors or projectors.
You can specify the left or right monitor as primary.
A movie may now be automatically played on opening if you set that option in 'Preferences'.
The Help file is now available online for the benefit of those with a dialup Internet connection.
Live stereo viewing and recording (in side-by-side format)with webcams in now supported.
Additionally, the left or right webcam (or both) can be upside-down in order to achieve closer spacing.
You should ensure that your system can open two instances of your favorite webcam viewer and display the output of the two cameras.
Because of the data-rate required, USB1.1 cameras invariably employ data compression for transfer to the computer.
The newer USB2.0 devices are preferred and should giver 'smoother' performance.
You can also save a movie from a single camera and, as with the stereo cameras, compress with a chosen codec (such as XVid).
At present, only uncompressed RGB24 color-space/compression is supported.
Stereo webcam supports the following live-viewing modes :-
- Side-by-side (including mirroring options)
- Monochrome anaglyph (red/cyan, red/green, red/blue
- Color and Half-color anaglyph
- Horizontally-interlaced
- Page-flipping with shutter-glasses using Winx3D, NVidia or stereo OpenGL drivers.

more history ...

Great thanks to David Sykes for the English-language documentation.

Sample Movie
Sample Movie Page...

Compatible Operating Systems

The Video filetype
Any 'WindowsMedia Player' compatible format such as MPEG, AVI, WMV

The Video stereo format
Side-by-side(100%), Side-by-side (50%), interlaced, Above/Below (100%), Above/Below (50%), Above/Below (47.5%)
Either or both side-by-side movies may be horizontally mirrored.
This is useful for various viewing devices.

The Stereo display formats are
- As the original image
- Parallel or cross-eyed free-viewing
- Red/cyan, red/green or red/blue gray Anaglyphs
- Red/cyan 'color' Anaglyphs
- Interlaced for shutter-glasses
- Page-flipped for shutter-glasses
- IZ3D monitor
- Sharp 3D LCD
- Liquid-Crystal Shutter-Glasses.

SMP may use Windows GDI or DirectX for rendering the movies in fullscreen mode (where the menu, title and toolbars are hidden).
DirectX may be faster, GDI allows resizing (zooming) and display of side-by-side movies, and multi monitors.

The screen image

Licence for 'StereoMovie Player'
'StereoMovie Player' is Freeware with the following restrictions:
'StereoMovie Player' is not to be copied to CD-ROMs or other media without the written permission of Masuji SUTO .
I am not responsible for any damage to hardware, software or person.