StereoMovie Player History

Ver0.24 -> 0.25
The latest 'StereoMovie Player' allows you to directly open movies in fullscreen mode (menu, title and toolbars hidden).
That mode may be set as a Preference and you may toggle the spacing of side-by-side movies.
Again, your preferred spacing may also be set as a Preference.
Typically, you use narrow for parallel-viewing, medium for cross-eyed and wide for viewing movies with an ordinary hand-mirror.
The latter method is described in the documentation and this is an easy way to encourage interest in stereo-imaging among the 'general public' who may not be able to free-view and who do not have anaglyph glasses.
You may choose the method SMP uses to render the movies as Windows GDI (Graphics Device Interface) or DirectX.
DirectX may give faster performance, but only GDI allows the image resizing and side-by-side display.
In GDI fullscreen mode, you may zoom in/out using the mouse wheel or PgUp/PgDn keys.

Ver0.23 -> 0.24
The latest version of 'StereoMovie Player' allows you to horizontally-mirror the left, right or both movies.
This is useful for certain viewing devices.
A list of most-recently-used (MRU) files is also displayed for greater convenience.

Ver0.22 -> 0.23
StereoMovie Player will now correctly display movies that do not have a 4:3 aspect-ratio (such as DV).
In addition, SMP may be added to InternetExplorer context menu.
This allows you to right-click on a website movie and open it with SMP.
You may also add SMP to the file-icon 'Send to' menu.
You can now zoom the movie using the mouse-wheel.

Ver0.21a2 -> 0.22
- Anaglyph RGB co-efficients corrected.
- De-interlacing of 'above/below (50%)' format movies now uses a resampling method (except for OpenGL display) to reduce artefacts.

Ver0.21a -> 0.21a2
- Remake the Help file

Ver0.21 -> 0.21a
- internal bug-fix

Ver0.20 -> 0.21
- Performance up for anaglyph mode
- others.

Ver0.10 -> 0.20
- Support OpenGL quad buffered Stereo
- Support Sharp 3D LCD
- others.

- New release