Installing DirectShow Filters

StereoMovie Player and StereoSlide Show use DirectShow for video playback.
However, the current mainstream video formats such as MP4 and MOV are not supported as standard.

If you cannot play videos in the StereoMovie Player or StereoSlide Show, please install "LAV Filters".

"LAV Filters" is a pack of DirectShow Splitter and Decoder for many of today's mainstream video formats, so by installing "LAV Filters" you will be able to play many videos.
However, the "LAV AVI Splitter" included in "LAV Filters" cannot separate left and right images of 3D AVI format videos shot with Fuji's 3D cameras (W1/W3).
When installing "LAV Filters", please uncheck the AVI splitter checkbox. If you do not install "LAV AVI Splitter", the standard Windows "AVI Splitter" will be used and the 3D AVI format video will be displayed in 3D with left and right images.

Download "LAV Filters"
Download the latest version of the installer from the official website.

Installing "LAV Filters"
You can almost install it by default.

Even if the OS is 64-bit, StereoMovie Player and StereoSlide Show are 32-bit applications,
so only the x86 version is required,
but if there is a possibility that other 64-bit applications will use them,
they should be installed as-is in the default.

As mentioned earlier, if you wish to play back a 3D AVI shot with a Fujifilm 3D camera
Please uncheck "AVI" in the following screen. Unchecking "AVI" in the Splitter settings after installation will not disable it.
Please be sure to uncheck the "AVI" checkbox on the following screen during installation.
If you want to change the settings later, uninstall "LAV Filters" once, install it again, and set the settings on the following screen.

For StereoMovie Player and StereoSlide Show, if "LAV Filters" is installed, the Decoder included in "LAV Filters" is used preferentially, so if you do not want to use it, change the setting in LAV Video Configuration.