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Important notice
If the following message is displayed when starting the camera or operating files on 3DSteroid, force stop the application and then restart it.
(When the app starts, it creates a folder dedicated to the app, but at first it cannot create it because it does not have access privileges, and this error occurs. So, after granting folder access permissions, the app will work properly when launched.)

From Ver4.00 (2020/04/27), Android10 and 64bit are supported.
Along with this, the old Sharp / HTC / LG 3D LCDs are no longer supported. Do not install later versions on these models.

If you don't know the Principle of Stereoscopic photograph, please read this page.

Video explanation(YouTube)
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Android application '3D Popup Swan' released!

iPhone/iPod/iPad application released!

Latest Version
3DSteroid Ver4.00 (free)

3DSteroid Pro Ver4.00 (about US$ 3)

Version History


Multi frames Wiggle View(Ver3.20)

360 degree Stereo Panorama VR Viewer(Ver3.10)

Image cropping (Ver1.30)

Image cropping demo Movie(YouTube)

High resolution image saving (Pro version only)

auto-alignment L/R images.

Auto-alignment demo movie(YouTube)

Wiggle mode demo movie(YouTube)

Check the latest version in Android Market

We can not use the large memory space in each android applications.
If we use high resolution images (greater than screen resolutions) , we have an 'out of memory' problem.
So, '3DSteroid' uses screen resolutions for left and right images and saving the image.

If you have any problem with 3DSteroid, please send me your information by email.
I can not correct the problem from Android Market comments.


[Steroid3D] is a stereoscopic application for Android.

A single tap on the screen : Show/hides the control buttons.
After setting time, the control buttons hide automatically.
If you want to use the paging buttons/zoom buttons , Check them in the setting dialogue.
A double tap on the screen swaps the Left/Right images.
Flipping from left to right displays the Next Image if zoom value is less than 100%.
Flipping from right to left displays the Previous Image if zoom value is less than 100%.
Tap on Right/Bottom corner, displays the Next Image when the control buttons are hidden.
Tap on Left/Bottom corner, displays the Next Image when the control buttons are hidden.
A long Tap on Left/Top corner, resets the adjust values.
If your device is android 2.1 or later, you can use pinch zoom.

[Control buttons]

Adjust mode button : Adjust L/R image position and angle with finger scroll.
Swap button : Swap L/R images
Rotation button : Rotate 0/90/180/270 degree
Stereo type button : Select the stereoscopic viewing method.
Camera button : Take L/R pictures with the internal camera.
Slide Show button : Start/Stop the slide show.
Forward button : Show next image
Backward button : Show previous Image
Zoom buttons Image zoom in/out
Fit button Fit to screen size(100%)
Adjust mode
Stereo type

Wiggle Mode
Adjust focus point and interval for suitable viewing.
Shutter button
There is a large transparent shutter button on the right side of screen.
Auto Focus ON/OFF button
Picture size select button
Camera Flash ON/OFF/AUTO button.
Zoom button
If you check [Camera Zoom] in setting
and zoom is available, you get this button.
[-] Zoom out
[+] Zoom in
Take Left Image
Take Right Image
Show Stereo Image


Press [menu] button of your Android.

Open file
Open file-select dialogue
Check L/R image files or Single SBS stereo image file, then click OK button.

From Ver1.00, you can find the delete button.
Check the files, then click Delete button.

If you check 'Show/hide thumbnail Image', you can see thumbnail images of each image files.(Pro Version only)

Save the displayed image, then launch the mailer if you have set it.

WEB Galleries
Please enjoy my WEB Galleries!

Jpeg Quality : Set the Jpeg quality(Camera / Save) 30-100
Screen Orientation:Select screen orientation(Landscape or default)
Camera autofocus mode : Check this if you want to use the autofocus mode.
Camera Zoom : Check this if you want to use the camera zoom.
Show/Hide Grid:Show/Hide grid in Camera and Adjust mode.
Slide Show interval : Set the Slide Show interval(sec.)
Control buttons show time: Set the control buttons show time
Image zoom : Use or don't use the image zoom function.
Paging buttons:Show/Hide paging buttons.
Show/Hide file name:Show/Hide file name and wiggle info.
Mail Mode : Check this if you want to send the saved image by email.
Input Email Address : Input email address.

WEB Help
Show this page
Version info.

[Call Steroid3D from another application]

Example --> Open attached SBS image file from G-mail

Open the email, then push Preview or Download button.

Select [Steroid3D]

Auto-Alignment in '3DSteroid Pro'