3DSteroid 360 degree Stereo Panorama VR Viewer

3DSteroid supports a 360degree Stereo Panorama VR Viewer.

360degree Stereo Panorama Samples(SBS Format)



1. Open the 360degree Stereo Panorama image (SBS or L/R), then Tap [Stereo] button.
2. Tap [Panorama] button.
3. When you tap [Fit] button for Zoom = 100%, you can scroll Left/Right only.
4. If you Tap [Fit] button again for Zoom=200%, you can scroll Left/Right and Up/Down.
5. Put in the VR viewer to enjoy the Stereo Panorama Image.
6. For the next image, tilt right(Pro version only) or push Volume(+).
7. For the previous image, tilt left(Pro version only) or push Volume(-).
8. You can enjoy the 360degree Stereo Panorama Sample in my WEB Galleries.
Tap [Menu] -> [WEB Galleries]
9. Tap [Panorama360]
10. Tap the image file. you can change the image by tilting(Pro version only) or pushing the volume button.