3DSteroid Wiggle View

3DSteroid supports [Auto Wiggle] and [Manual Wiggle by tilting device]

Wiggle samples


Input file type
1. Animation GIF
2.JPEG File
Using the file name for Frame count and Cycle time.
For example, 4 frames and 360mS -> [4_360]sample.jpg


1. Open the Animation GIF or Multi frame Jpeg file, then Tap [Stereo] button.
When you choose normal stereo mode, 3DSteroid uses 1st and 2nd frame as Left/Right image.
2. Tap [Wiggle] or [Parallax] button.
[Wiggle] : changing image automatic.
[Parallax] : changing image by tilting device.
3. You can enjoy the Parallax Effect Sample in my WEB Galleries.
Tap [Menu] -> [WEB Galleries]
4. Tap [Parallax Effect]
5. Tap the image file. you can change the image by pushing the volume button.