SPM Runtime Options

StereoPhoto Maker may be run by simply clicking on its icon or on a shortcut to the program file.

In addition, you may drag a single, stereo-format image-file onto the program icon (or already-opened window) and SPM will startup and display that image.
The stereo and display formats of the image are assumed to be those specified in Launch Preferences.
If 'select on opening image' was checked there, you will be presented with a dialog-box that allows you to specify the stereo-display format.

You may also drag a Left/Right image-pair onto the program icon or window, although this does not currently work with WinME.

An image file-name may be specified as a command-line parameter.
For example, 'stphmkre.exe d:\photo\test.jps' will open and display the image 'test.jps' located in the folder d:\photo with your preferred viewing-method or one selected on opening.

If SPM has been associated with the file extension, you can double-click the image to open it with SPM.

When sending a collection of images to other users, a very simple viewing-method for them (only requiring a click of the mouse) is to include a slideshow list file as a command-line parameter as described under Open Slideshow list File

If you wish SPM to startup with its window maximised, check that option in Edit/Preferences/General.