Open Slide Show List...

A slide show list is a text (.txt) file created manually, with the 'File/Slide Show List/ Make/Edit a Slide Show List' function or by pressing 'M' or 'Ctrl M' while browsing the images.
The stereo-viewing method selected can be Side-by-side,Above/Below,Interlaced,Anaglyph(gray) for Red/Green glasses,Anaglyph(Color) for Red/Cyan glasses or Page-flip with shutter glasses.
'Swap Left/Right' interchanges the left and right images for Side-by-side,Anaglyph(Gray),Anaglyph(Color) and Page-flip.
For interlaced, the odd/even lines are swapped.

If the website is using a slideshow list to display its images with SPM, the viewing method will be that set here.

'Slide Show Interval' allows the displayed-duration of each image to be specified to within 0.1 seconds.

The slideshow scripts have the following format:


The first line is optional and may be used to start a Media Player with an associated playlist or audio file.

For all the other lines, the first parameter defines the stereo format:-


The second parameter defines the displayed duration of the image in tenths of a second. e.g. 30 means 30x0.1 = 3seconds.
If the value is '0', SPM uses the duration specified at 'Edit/Preferences/Slide Show Interval' instead.

The third parameter indicates whether image-swapping is required :-

0 no swap
1 swap Left/Right

The fourth parameter is the horizontal adjustment used to position the window.
The fifth parameter is the vertical adjustment used to correct a vertical-alignment error.
The sixth parameter is the image name. If the list file and image file are in different folders, you must specify the full path name.
If the stereo format is '21' (Independent(Left/Right)), you have to specify both the left and right file names.

The seventh parameter is an optional comment which, if specified, is displayed in the title-bar instead of the image information.
Even if specified, it may be hidden by checking the 'Hide Comment' option.
The comment line can include any characters, including commas.

If you wish other users to easily view your slideshow, create a batch-file that automatically startsup SPM with your slideshow list.
e.g. batchfile contains "stphmkr.exe MySlideShow.txt"

On double-clicking the batch-file, SPM will startup in a maximised window, images are sized to fit the window and are displayed in the last format that was specified in 'Open Slideshow List'.

If you ZIP your images and include a copy of SPM, the slideshow script-file and associated batch-file, the user can unzip all the files into the same folder.
In your slideshow script-file, no filepath will then be required for the images.