Open Stereo Image...(W)

To increase the size of the File Open dialog, simply drag the bottom-right corner with the mouse left button depressed.

File types directly supported by SPM are GIF, animated GIF, JPS,DAS,BMI,JPG,STJ,BMP,TIF, MPO and PNG.
SPM supports uncompressed and compressed (see below) TIFF files.
The 'Susie' plugin may be used to support the following additional filetypes :-

Windows Metafile (wmf), Sun Rasterfile(ras,rs), PICT(pict,pct) and Targa(tga).

Although by convention each file-type normally implements the stereo-formats stated above, in SPM it is not a requirement as file-type and stereo-format
are specified separately.
Interlaced JPS for example would be unusual but perfectly acceptable to SPM.

The stereo-image formats supported are Side-by-side, Above/Below, Interlaced, Anaglyph, SIS and Tri-Delta.

Side-by-side format may have the images arranged in parallel or cross-eyed view.

Above/below format may have the Left image on the top or bottom.

Interlaced format may have the left image in the odd or even lines.

Anaglyphs may be monochrome or color.

For Anaglyph(Gray), the left and right views are converted to grayscale.

For Anaglyph(Color), the left/right views are displayed in a special way that makes them easier to use with 'Easy Adjustment'.
After adjustment, you can display them in other anaglyph modes except half-color.
That is because half-color mode uses a grayscale value computed from the RGB values and those values are not available.
This mode is only intended to aid the editing of anaglyphs and not for viewing.

'Tri-Delta' is the name normally given to the 'Prism Stereo' attachment originally made by Tri-Delta Engineering (New Jersey, USA). Similar attachments based on mirrors and/or prisms are now available or are often custom-built.

Further information at '
Tri-Delta Prism Stereo Camera Adapter'.
The images may be aligned top-to-top (TT) or bottom-to-bottom (BB). See figures 3 and 4 for examples.

figures 3 Tri-Delta(TT)

figures 4 Tri-Delta(BB)

Obviously, choosing the wrong stereo-format for the selected-image will result in the image being incorrectly displayed.

'Swap Left/Right' may be applied to the stereo-pair.
For example, if your stereo-images are in cross-eyed format and you normally view in Anaglyph mode or use Easy Adjustment (with its anaglyph view) a lot.

'Show Preview' may be checked to show a thumbnail image of a browsed file and information regarding its file-type,image-width and height and color-depth.

'Open as Normal size' may be checked to open the image at its native size.
If the window is smaller than the image, only part of it is displayed and the horizontal and vertical slider-bars are used to navigate the image.

SIS is a proprietary format.