Make 3D Image for Mobile phone (H)

This option creates stereo-image files in the STJ format (side-by-side horizontally-squeezed jpeg) which can be downloaded by the SH251is or SH505i mobile-phones and displayed in stereo on their 176x220 or 240x320 (QVGA) TFT color displays . (The phone is available as part of DoCoMo's i-shot service).

'Stereo Club Tokyo' ( have an exhibition of STJ-format images that may be downloaded to the mobile-phone (using i-mode).

The image used should be parallel-eyed side-by-side format.
Standard Phantogram images may be used and although you cannot view them at the normal 45 degrees,
when viewed from one precise position the subject will rise-up above the phone display ! .
After selecting this option, position the mouse-cursor over one of the images and position the cross-hairs at the desired top-left position for the crop-rectangle and then hold-down the Left mouse button.
KEEPING THE BUTTON DEPRESSED drag the cross-hairs to the desired bottom-right position for the crop-rectangle and release the button.
The crop-rectangle aspect ratio is automatically constrained to 0.8 (width/height).
The rectangles positions may then be altered by positioning the 'move' cursor over either one and dragging the mouse with the left button depressed.
On releasing the button, the images will be immediately cropped and you will be prompted for a filename for the .STJ file.
As the file size cannot exceed 10,240 bytes for the SH251is or 25,600 bytes for the SH505i, use the horizontal 'Image Quality' slidebar to ensure this.
If required, you can 'Cancel' at this stage and 'Edit/Undo'.