Auto alignment settings

To detect features (that are required by auto-alignment and correction), SMM can use Autopano or use its own internal code.
If using Autopano, browse to its folder location in 'Autopano Folder'.
If not using Autopano, delete any existing path in 'Autopano Folder'.
Next time you open this dialog, you will see that 'internal code' is specified for 'Autopano Folder'.

If you do not wish to see the Autopano DOS window while the corrections and adjustments are being made, check the 'Hide Autopano window' option.

Specify if the source files are in parallel or cross-eyed format and how you want the stereo window to be positioned.
You may correct for barrel distortion if you have determined the value for the correction parameter (as described for SPM).

You may optionally save a report file that contains details of the corrections SMM made and the total deviation as a fraction of image-width.
This gives an indication of the amount of stereo depth in the scene.

The corrected images may be auto-cropped after correction in order to eliminate the 'orphan areas' but you should remember that your preferred codec may only accept images of specific sizes.

Resampling the image will give better quality but it will take longer to process the movies.

You may apply a single set of corrections globally (to all frames) or on an individual, frame-by-frame basis.
Frame-by-frame correction is useful if there is a slight time-difference between frames when zooming or if you want to keep the position of the stereo window fixed.
It is also useful if you create a stereo movie from a single moving camera (such as located on aircraft, etc).
This method will obviously take longer and may introduce 'jitter' between frames.
If necessary, you can apply the same correction to a small number of frames by specifying a sample count.

Depending on the nature, accuracy and stability of your rig, you may choose to only auto-align and correct based on certain parameters.
This will make auto-alignment faster.
Select the chosen parameters in 'Auto-adjustment items'.