StereoPhotoViewer (SPVA)

'StereoPhotoViewer' (SPVA) is a new applet that allows you to view a slideshow of images with a Browser, on your local filing system (hard disk) or on a website, with a wide range of stereo-viewing methods.

It is completely free for use on websites with no commercial content.

Fully integrated with 'StereoPhoto Maker' (SPM), the new 'Web' menu options allow a user with no knowledge of HTML to create all the required files which may then be uploaded to the website using a freeware FTP program.
The user selects the required images using the folder-browser, chooses for the slideshow to be embedded in the page or popup in a new window, chooses multirow or column format (with default image titles and descriptive text),the initial stereo display format, the background pattern or system/custom solid-color background and the slideshow time-interval.
The column format may be used when the user requires copious, descriptive text to be displayed to the right of the image.
Multirow format is more suited to showing a large number of thumbnails from which to select the slideshow starting image.
All files are then created and, optionally, the webpage displayed.
You may move backward/forwards through the image-sequence or run an automatic slideshow.
You may swap the images left-for-right, zoom with slider, keyboard or mouse-wheel and use mouse-drag to move it.
Although it should not be necessary, you can change the vertical alignment or alter the stereo-window position.
The menu-bar may be displayed or hidden (to give the least 'cluttered' display).
The input images may be separate left/right or side-by-side (JPS/JPG).
The website stereo images may be saved to the visitors hard disk.

The viewing methods are :-

Red/Cyan anaglyph
Red/Blue anaglyph
Red/Green anaglyph
Color anaglyph
Half-color anaglyph
Interlaced (horizontally)
Vertical interlace
Mirrored Left
Mirrored Right
Mirrored Both
Single Image
Page-flip with shutter-glasses (Java3D OpenGL version and working quad-buffered stereo required)

For those who do not use Windows (and cannot use SPM), the applet is available as a separate download.
More experienced users can write the entire webpage code themselves.
The simplest possible applet does not require any user-defined parameters.
If you can use SPM, you can take the automatically-generated files as the starting-point for your own webpage.

Because of the various bugs and problems with different versions of Java (and with different Operating Systems)
it is highly recommended that you download the latest JAVA2 runtime for the best performance.

You may view SPVA examples at the following links (disable any 'popup blockers') :-

multirow format with a popup window
column format with a popup window
embedded in the page