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StereoPhotoViewer Applet Ver0.32 1479KByte 2/May/2009

SPVA Ver0.32
Improvement by Pierre MEINDRE.

- Added applet parameter "helpfile" for specifying the help page that will be open when the use presses the 'H' key (if not specified, the default "helpwe.htm" is used).
- Added applet parameter "charset" for specifying the encoding charset for the filelist file (i.e. UTF-8).
- Max slideshow delay changed to 99s (instead of 9s). Specifying a negative value to the "slideshow" parameter will do the following: the interval will be set (using the absolute value) but the slideshow will not start automatically.
- Correction of the encoding of the Sharp 3D mode.
- Corrections for displaying in Sharp 3D, Interlaced V and Interlaced H modes to avoid pseudoscopic effects when zooming and/or paning the image.
- Added applet parameter "language" for specifying the language used for the applet user interface. This parameter must be a two-letter language code like 'en' or 'fr'. If not specified, the applet will use the "locale" of the current java virtual machine.
The applet will try to load the property file "spva_.txt". If the file cannot be loaded, the applet will revert to english.

French Version , Spanish Version

Click on a stereo image, then press [H] key to display Help information.

Using StereoPhotoViewer