Installation of WINx3D(Stereoscopic drivers)

Stereo movies may be displayed in a non-interlaced mode by using high-speed page-flipping and liquid crystal shutter-glasses.
The movies are displayed at full resolution and with a display vertical refresh-rate of 100Hz are relatively flicker-free.
Quad-buffered OpenGL, NVidia stereo and Winx3D drivers all support page-flipping.
The Winx3D stereo driver is no longer freely available, for details see here.

When agreeing the License Agreement, the dialog-box on the left is displayed.
Clickling the "Install" button at upper-left installs the stereo driver.

Choose the video card (2) to be used and liquid crystal shutter glasses (4).

When using an nVidia graphics-card with WindowsXP, install NVidia Stereo Driver and 4) choose nVidia Detonator(Page Flip).

Choose the screen-resolution and number of colors you want to use (6), set vertical refresh-rate (7) to at least 100 Hz and press the DirectDrawTest button.

(Note:Depending on your monitor, higher refresh-rates may give more 'ghosting').

If test fails, try other resolutions and refresh-rates for a suitable combination.

When using an nVidia card on XP, the refresh-rate is determined by the stereo setting in the nVidia control panel.

After installation, the Winx3D configuration menu will be found at 'Settings/Control Panel/WINx3D

After completing the settings, choose "3D(Page-Flip)/Page-Flip Setting" from SMP's menu and under '3D Shutter Glasses Preferences' set the 'Stereo Driver' to 'Win3D'.
Ensure that the stereo display works correctly.
Please note that stereo OpenGL must be disabled beforehand as it is not compatible with the Winx3D driver.