Installation of OpenGL Stereo Driver

Graphic cards that support quad-buffered OpenGL can page-flip images at refresh rates of 100 Hz or more and with virtually no flicker if your CRT monitor can support the required resolution at that refresh-rate.
Quad-buffered stereo OpenGL is normally only supported by 'professional' video cards (such as the expensive nVidia 'Quadro' series used for CAD and similar, demanding applications).
However, there are hardware and software methods that can be used to convert an inexpensive, consumer-card into a 'Quadro'.
Try an Internet search using keywords 'SoftQuadro' and 'RivaTuner'.
Be aware that it will not work with all versions of the Detonator drivers.
The example below is Quadro4 500/550.

Open your 'Display Properties' dialog-box :-

Select the 'Details' button..

Select 'Quad buffered'.

Select the 'shutter glasses' option.

Finally, select a refresh-rate of 100Hz or more to virtually eliminate flicker.

After completing these settings, in SMP's menu option '3D(Page-Flip)/Page-flip settings' choose OpenGL as the Stereo Driver and confirm that stereo viewing is working correctly.
When using quad-buffered OpenGL, ensure that the nVidia stereo-driver is disabled beforehand as they are not compatible with each other.