StereoMovie Maker History

Ver0.90 -> 0.91
The latest release of 'StereoMovie Maker' allows you to add a fuzzy border of defined-width.
This may be useful when trying to reduce the retinal-rivalry caused by window violation (deliberate or otherwise).
It may be used with all display modes, including stereo OpenGL.
You can set this option in the Preference dialogue-box.

Ver0.89 -> 0.90
The latest 'StereoMovie Maker' allows you to toggle the spacing of side-by-side movies, saving your preferred spacing as a Preference.
Typically, you use narrow for parallel-viewing, medium for cross-eyed and wide for viewing movies with an ordinary hand-mirror.
The latter method is described in the documentation and this is an easy way to encourage interest in stereo-imaging among the 'general public' who may not be able to free-view and who do not have anaglyph glasses.
In Above/below mode, you may now mirror the top, bottom or both movies.

Ver0.88 -> 0.89
The latest version of SMM allows you to horizontally-mirror the left, right or both movies.
The mirrored-movies may be saved as usual.
This mode is useful with certain viewing devices, normally based on mirrors and two CRT/TFT monitors.
SMM now supports a full-screen display mode where the title/menu-bars and top/bottom toolbars are hidden.
In windowed or fullscreen mode, you may use the keyboard or mousewheel to zoom-in/out on the movie up to the maximum display-area size.

Ver0.87 -> 0.88
If you didn't install necessary Codec, SMM shows message which indicate FOURCC code.
So, you can easily find Codec.
New Error Message

Ver0.86 -> 0.87
The latest version of SMM allows you to individually rotate the movies from left/right twinned-cameras, arranged in any configuration.
You may now also load anaglyph and side-by-side (50%) movies.
For left/right MPEG movies, you have the option of creating a stereo-soundtrack.
The left/right sound channels may be swapped-over.
Previous MPEG mono-soundtrack problem has now been fixed.
Using twinned-cameras with SMM

Ver0.84a -> 0.86
- Audio bug-fix for large-size AVI files ( >4GB)
- Bugfix for large (>2GB) files created by Adobe Premiere
- Bug-fix for the Huffyuv codec.
- 'Easy Adjustment' bugfix after swapping left/right images.
- Two de-interlacing modes : the existing 'duplicate field' replaces the odd lines with the average of the even lines above and below.
The new 'Discard field' simply deletes the odd lines. The half-height images produce smaller files when saved in 'above/below (50%)' format.
In the right image, pressing 'T' alternates between discarding the odd or even lines allowing more precise synchronisation

Ver0.84 -> 0.84a
- Bug-fix vertical alignment error.

Ver0.83 -> 0.84
- Bug-fix 'XVID file can not open in SMM' problem.

Ver0.82 -> 0.83
- Yellow/Blue color and half-color Anaglyph mode
- Bug-fix Audio Mis-Sync problem.

Ver0.81b -> 0.82
- Performance up for side-by-side display mode
- Support stereo effect in Play(Movie File) mode

Ver0.81a -> 0.81b
- Corrected Canopus DV-codec problem

Ver0.81 -> 0.81a
- Support over 4Gb AVI file

Ver0.80b -> 0.81
- Native support OpenGL quad buffered Stereo
- Corrected Audio Mis-Sync problem.
- Support interlace input in 'Play(Movie File)' mode.
- Support over 2Gb DV-AVI Type-2 file with the Panasonic DV codec.
- Other bug-fix

Ver0.80 -> 0.80b
- Corrected Audio Mis-Sync problem.

Ver0.79 -> 0.80
- Support OpenGL quad buffered Stereo with James Ward's OpenGL Stereo Movie Player.

Ver0.76 -> 0.79
- Support nVidia Stereo Driver
- others.

Ver0.75 -> 0.76
- For files over 2Gb, save as several smaller.
ex) "sample.avi","sample01.avi","sample02.avi"...

Ver0.74a -> 0.75
- Added the complete English help file
- Spell corrections.
- Bugfix for cropping
- Change the display method of Play(left movie) and Play(right movie)
- others

Ver0.73 -> 0.74a
- Added cropping

Ver0.72 -> 0.73
- Change the location of 'reduce interlace noise' from 'save' option to 'open' option.
- Spell correction

Ver0.71a -> 0.72
- Memory leak bug fix for SIS & Tri-Delta
- Add DirectShowSource via AviSynth without script file

Ver0.71 -> 0.71a
- Support Tri-delta format.

Ver0.70d -> 0.71
- Change half color anaglyph with gamma correction.
- Support SIS format.
- Add most recent files in menu

Ver0.70c -> 0.70d
- Bug fix for mpeg play. Now, Mpeg file with 32000Hz sampling sound can play.
- Add half color(?) anaglyph.

Ver0.70b -> 0.70c
- Added repeat play mode
- Added easy adjustment like 'StereoPhoto Maker'.
- Modify the help indication method in Page-Flipping.

Ver0.70a -> 0.70b
- Bug fix for mpeg play. Mpeg file with 32000Hz sampling sound couldn't play.
Just disable this sound, It's a temporary countermeasure.

Ver0.70 -> 0.70a
- Bug fix for mpeg play. Mpeg file without sound couldn't play.

Ver0.66a -> 0.70
- Support MPEG1/2 input
- Support a/b format with black band
- Add red-cyan/red-green/red-blue anaglyph with gamma correction
- Others