How to Convert from Interlaced or Anaglyph DVD Movie to Stereo AVI File

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DVD2StereoAVI(Modified DVD2AVI)

Download; 208kByte 14/Apr/2004

1 Menu/File/Open
2 Select VOB file from VIDEO_TS Folder in DVD
3 Push OK button
4 Select iDCT Algorithm
Quality (IEEE1180 > 64-bit > 32-bit)
Speed (32-bit > 64bit > IEEE1180)
5 Select Field Operation
6 Have to select RGB 24bit
7 Have to select PC Scale
8 Select Audio Track Number
9 Have to select Decode to WAV
10 Menu/File/Save AVI
11 Select Stereo Format and input save file name
12 Choose Compressor
13 Set configure options of Compressor
14 Wait until FINISH


VirtualDub WEB Page

1 Menu/File/Open video file
2 Select AVI file which is made by DVDtoAVI
3 Select Direct stream copy
4 Select WAV Audio
5 Select WAV file which is made by DVDtoAVI
6 Select Full processing mode
7 Select Compression
8 Choose compressor
9 Menu/File/Save as AVI
10 Input save file name
11 Wait until FINISH