Multi-monitor support for StereoPhoto Maker

The latest StereoPhoto Maker now supports multiple monitor display.

How to set up multiple monitors

The following is an example of a Windows display setting with three monitors connected as shown below.

Select Full Screen Monitor Setting from the menu, or press Shift+W

The monitors are displayed in the same layout as the Windows display settings, so select the monitor you want to use for full-screen display with a mouse click.

To display on multiple monitors, select the first monitor, then hold down the Shift key and click to select the second monitor.
In the same way, you can select any number of monitors while holding down the Shift key.
Clicking on the selected monitor while holding down the Shift key will deselect it.

The area encompassing all selected monitors is surrounded by a red frame, and this red frame is the video display area.

Full screen display ON/OFF

Select "Full screen based on monitor setting" from the menu. Or, press the Enter key to display full screen on the monitor surrounded by the red frame determined by the above monitor settings.
To return from full screen display, press the Enter key again.
Select "Full-Screen" from the menu. Or press Alt+Enter to go full screen on the currently displayed monitor, regardless of the monitor settings (conventional full screen method).
To return from full screen, press Enter.

When displayed full screen on a monitor other than the one on which StereoPhoto Maker is displayed, as shown below, the Stereo Photo Maker window is blank, but the tool buttons and menus are still active.