Susie Plug-in

'Susie' is a very popular Japanese image-viewer that supports Windows Metafile (wmf),Sun Rasterfile(ras,rs),PNG(png),PICT(pict,pct) and Targa(tga) file formats.
The GIF format is not supported.
Download the LZH file and uncompress to any folder. Specify the folder's location in SPM's Preferences.

WinZip will not extract these files, you need to use the DOS-utility 'lzh.exe' .
You can download it and get further information here .
Startup WinZip and in 'Options/Configuration/Program Locations/LHA' enter the file location of 'lha.exe'.
You may then double-click on the LZH file and WinZip will open it..

After restarting SPM, the plugin-supported file-types will appear in the two 'Open Images' menus in their 'Files of Type' drop-down menus. Click the down-arrow.