Ghost-reduced Anaglyph..(Ctrl+F7)

A major problem of anaglyph images is 'ghosting', where each eye perceives some of the other-eye's view.
The amount of ghosting will depend upon the characteristics of the viewing glasses and crt or printed-image.
It should be noted that the images on this page have been compressed and you are viewing on your monitor.
Your own results will be more convincing.
To simplify things, the following test-image will be used :-

In this half-color anaglyph, the ghosting is very obvious :-

First of all, use the Lab Contrast and brightness sliders to minimise the ghosting :-

Use RGB contrast and brightness to restore the original appearance, being careful not to re-introduce ghosting.

You may Save and Restore the current settings by using the corresponding buttons or use Reset to cancel the settings.

The source images will not be changed but you may display in anaglyph mode and then save as an anaglyph.