Quad-buffered Stereo OpenGL

To use quad-buffered stereo OpenGL you normally require a 'professional' graphics card that supports it such as NVidia Quadro series, Oxygen's, Wildcats, etc.
Many NVidia graphic cards (apart from GeForceFX) can have their Detonator drivers modified by the programme RivaTuner so that quad-buffered stereo is available (if enabled) under Win2000/XP.
It will not be available under Win9x. (Initially the stand-alone programme 'SoftQuadro' was used but now appropriate 'scripts' are supplied with RivaTuner).

Basically, you do this :-

1. Install RivaTuner and refer to the FAQ's if required.
2. Download the latest Detonator driver that is in RivaTuner's database for your graphics card.
....If there is a more up-to-date driver at NVidia, check if a new RivaTuner script has been released to support it. Right-click on the file and extract to a folder with WinZip.
.... Do not double-click the file as the NVidia installer will start-up.
3. Use RivaTuner to patch the drivers and run an anti-protection script.
4. Enable the Quadro and 'Professional' features of your graphics card using RivaTuner.
5. Uninstall current display drivers and reboot. If you have not done this before, the default 640x480 screen may be slightly alarming !
6. Follow the 'New Hardware Found' wizard, making sure you select 'Specifiy a driver location' and navigate to the folder containing the patched-driver. This will install the new driver.
7. A programme such as glInfo should now show your card to be a Quadro type (as well as displaying many of its OpenGL properties).
8. Finally, using the display panel at Additional OpenGL Properties>OpenGL Stereo, select 'Enable Stereo in OpenGL' and ensure overlays are disabled.

More detailed instructions are available at many websites :-