Program Installation

Microsoft Windows

'StereoPhoto Maker' (SPM) does not use a Windows-installer and may be simply copied (together with this Help file) to a folder of your choice.
With Windows Vista, you may want to install it into a directory other than 'Program Files' because SPM writes to its own directory tree, and 'Program Files' is designed to be writable only by special "elevated" applications.
You can either put it in a folder such as 'c:\SPM' or, alternatively, enter its properties page and mark it as "Run As Administrator".
However, that will mean you have to click through a "This program wants administrator access" dialog boxe every time you run it.
You may then like to create a shortcut to 'STPHMKR.EXE' from a preferred location.
SPM uses DirectX and although this will normally be available, some installations (such as Win98SE ) do not include it.
SPM does use the registry to store certain user preferences, selections and details of any file-associations that may have been setup.

Apple Mac

SPM may be run on Intel Macs and PowerPC Macs.
The PowerPC Mac's require Windows-emulation software such as the free VirtualPC and a processor speed of 1.6GHz or greater.
You will also need to install a copy of Windows.
For Intel Macs no emulation is required and SPM will run faster than on a PowerPC.
You will also need to install a copy of Windows.
You have numerous 'virtual machine' software options, such as :-

VMWare Fusion
BootCamp (built into OSX 10.5 Leopard)

SPM 3.27 and later running under Darwine supports Autopano v.1.02.
The auto-correction does not run as fast as under Windows.
Users have reported that it also works with Crossover.
Install Autopano into same folder as SPM.

NVidia page-flipping is not supported at present as NVidia have not released a stereo driver.
Stereo OpenGL should work but this has not yet been confirmed.

For a more detailed discussion of running Windows software on Macs, see


SPM allocates an amount of buffer-memory equal to the unpacked-size of a pair of images.
e.g. for a 3000x2000 image, memory allocated = 3000x2000x3(RGB)x2(left/right) = 36MB.
If you set the number of Undo/redo buffers to 10, SPM allocates 360MB of memory.
If SPM operations become slower, you may clear the Undo buffer.
If you have a 'Susie Plugins' folder its location will have been defined in 'Preferences'.

Because of this, if you delete SPM and copy to a different filepath you will have to re-associate the file extensions and redefine the location of the 'Susie' plugins.

If you wish to remove SPM from your system, restore previous file-associations, delete SPM's association with InternetExplorer, select menu option 'Help/Remove All Registry Entries', delete 'STPHMKR.EXE' and then this Help file.