Save MPO File... (Alt+S)

The stereo image will be saved in the Fuji MPO format to enable display on the W1 camera or V1 viewer.
A default file-name is displayed together with the MPO extension.
You may edit the file-name, but obviously not the extension. A preview image may be displayed.
All the files in the selected folder of that file-type will be displayed and you will be warned if you attempt to use an existing filename.

The 'Image Quality' slidebar allows the user to choose between quality and file-size for the compression .
The slidebar range is '1' to '99'. High compression increases the possibility of image artifacts.
The approximate file-size after saving is displayed together with the Saved Image Size (as pixel width and height.

For display on the Fuji W1 camera or V1 viewer, an image size of 800 x 600 pixels is sufficient.