Make Animation GIF

Websites and others, sometimes wish to present stereo images in a way that does not require viewing aids or the ability to freeview.
Converting stereo pairs to animated GIF's can provide some impression of depth.
These are often known as 'wobble' or 'wiggle' anaglyphs and SPM makes their creation very easy.

First of all, load your source-images and resize them to suit the final animated-GIF.
Select menu-option 'Stereo/Single Image View/Flashing' (or press Ctrl + F11).

The above box will be displayed to allow you to set the flashing rate for preview (not for final animation).
Use the vertical-arrow keys to eliminate any vertical error.
(the mouse-wheel and [F] key are active in this mode but probably not used).
Choose 'Make Animation Gif' in the File menu.

The above dialog-box is displayed and you may choose the flash-rate and see a realtime preview.
There is also an option to display the resulting animated-GIF in a 'blank' HTML page using your default browser.

Animated GIF's may be saved with a reduced number of colors in order to lower the filesize.
This also makes the Lempel Zev Welch (LZW) compression-scheme more efficient.
The above screenshot (from 'Save Stereo Image') shows the effect of reducing colors (within the limitations of display in this document).
The 'Save Image Preview' button opens a new window and gives you a preview with a reduced number of colors of the image about to be saved.
The mouse-wheel changes the window-size and the [F] key toggles between fitting the image to the window and displaying it at 100% size.
Evaluation of reduced color-depth should be done at 100% size.