File Property..(Ctrl+H)

The properties of the left file will be displayed.
Swap images over to see properties of right file.
If the selected file is a JPG with an EXIF header, the following detailed information is displayed :-

In the above example, the image is portrait-format (as indicated by the orientation field), but the embedded thumbnail is landscape-format.
'Windows Explorer' also does not use the orientation information so the image and thumbnail are incorrectly displayed.
SPM can perform completely lossless rotations and joins on Jpeg images, saving the resultant images in such a way that
'File Property' and 'Windows Explorer' will display the image and thumbnail in correct orientation, as shown below.
See Lossless Jpeg Multi Conversion' for further information.

The above shows 'File Property' after a pair of portrait-format JPG images were losslessly joined and saved with 'Copy all extra markers include EXIF'option
in 'Lossless Jpeg Multi Conversion.

The above shows 'File Property' after saving a stereo image (an anaglyph in this case) with the 'Add thumbnail image to Save file'option.

You may 'Copy to Clipboard' the displayed information and paste into another application (such as NotePad, Wordpad, etc.).
A typical example is shown below :-

If the selected JPG file does not have an EXIF header or the file-format is BMP, TIFF, PNG or GIF, the following information is available :-