Playback of frame-packing 3D video in SPM

(How to play a 3D video (MTS) shot with Panasonic 3D1 or a 3D180 video created with Insta360 Evo and Insta Studio using SPM)


Half-SBS format is one of the most commonly used 3D video formats, but half-SBS video with frame packing is also widely used in youtube, HTC EVO3D, Panasonic 3D1, etc.
To convert a half-SBS video into a frame-packing 3D video, for example, run the following command with ffmpeg.exe.
ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -vcodec libx264 -x264opts "frame-packing=3" output.mp4

On the other hand, it seems that ffmpeg.exe cannot convert frame-packing 3D video to half-SBS format!
Using free software such as "Shotcut", conversion is possible, but since re-encoding is necessary, it takes time and image quality is degraded.

Since frame-packing 3D video is also played as a half-SBS video in Chrome browser etc., you can use WEB application for video playback to play the 3D video. but the default Windows video player and Internet Explorer will play it as a 2D video.

SPM also implemented a 3D video playback function by using web apps on IE components, but the frame-packed 3D video is played as a 2D video on IE components.

So, i've implemented a conversion function from frame-packing 3D video to half-SBS format in SPM.
It converts without re-encoding, so you can play the 3D video instantly with no deterioration and high speed.

3D videos (MTS format) shot with Panasonic 3D1 and 3D180 MP4 files shot with Insta360 Evo and output by Insta Studio can now be instantly converted to SBS videos and displayed in various 3D formats.

1. Menu->File->Movie/Image sequence->'3D frame-packing -> SBS Movie'
2. Choose the source frame-packing 3D video to convert, and specify the converted MP4 file.
When you check "Preview after saving", the converted file will be played as a video.
3. When the video preview screen appears, click the buttons lined up at the top to select the file format.
Pressing the button that was there switches the display to a web application for 3D video playback.
4. The video is played back on a web app for 3D video playback. You can choose your favorite stereo display format.
You can also use the arrow keys to adjust the left and right positions. For detailed instructions, please refer to Help.

You can drag and drop the converted MP4 files into SPM or click "Menu->File->Movie/Image sequence->Movie Preview" to play the 3D video.