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This is an application that extracts a depth map image from a portrait photo with depth effect taken with an iPhone, and creates a 3D photo from the original photo and the depth map image.
You can adjust the depth effect, Rotate the image., save the created 3D photo in SBS format, and share it with other 3D editing apps such as i3DSteroid.

Operation video(Youtube)

Tap the Mode button at the top of the screen to switch between the following three modes.
2D Depth 3D

Click the "Edit" button on the upper left of the screen to open the "Edit Screen" as shown below, and the sliders for depth adjustment/rotation adjustment will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Depth slider: Adjusts the parallax of the 3D image. The parallax is displayed on the right side of the slider as a percentage of the width of the image.
Rotate slider: Allows you to rotate the image while maintaining the 3D view. (In normal 3D photos, rotating the image makes it look less 3D, but this method allows you to do this).
In both cases, tap the value to the right of the slider to return to the initial value.
Click the "Return" button on the upper left to return to the main screen.
Main Screen Edit Screen

Button at the bottom of the main screen
Open Photos taken in portrait mode, which has a built-in depth map, will be stored in the "Portrait" album. When you tap it, thumbnails will be displayed, so select the photo you want and press the Done button in the upper right corner.
If you select multiple files, you can switch between images with a swipe motion. Swipe from right to left to switch to the next photo, and vice versa to switch to the previous photo.
Save The image to be saved differs depending on the display mode.
2D mode: The displayed 2D image will be saved. Depending on the setting, the 2D image and the depth map image can be saved in SBS format.
Depth mode: The displayed depth image is saved. If the image is rotated, it will be saved in the rotated state.
3D mode: The image is saved in parallel SBS format regardless of the display mode (naked eye 3D/anaglyph).
Share Depending on the settings, four different sharing methods can be selected. The default setting is to share the last saved 3D image with i3DSteroid.
Three types are shared with i3DSteroid, and the rest are the same as the general sharing methods.
Setting Open the settings screen.

Settings Screen

About Pro version: The in-app purchase screen is displayed. If you pay the in-app purchase fee ($1.99), you will be able to save the image in high resolution.
Help: Opens this help screen
Sharing method : Transfer the captured SBS image to i3DSteroid or other applications.
0 : Open the image with i3DSteroid (It will find and display the photo taken from up to 200 photos from the latest photo in the photo folder. It is fast) (default)
1 : Opens with i3DSteroid (Searches for and displays the photos taken from all the photos in the photo folder. It will take a long time if a large number of photos are stored in the folder.)
2 : Open with i3DSteroid (The photos are displayed after being copied to the application folder. )
3 : The standard sharing screen will open, and select the application to which you want to transfer the photos.
Share directly after 3D saving: When you save in 3D mode, the sharing action will be performed according to the sharing method you set.
Use Anaglyph for 3D preview: The default 3D mode is LR/RL naked eye stereoscopic display, but by turning it on, you can make it anaglyph. However, saving is always in parallel SBS format.
Border (% of Width): Sets a black border around the image, which can be shared to i3DSteroid to enable floating windows.
Save 2D+Depth in 2D mode: By default, the image saved in 2D mode is a 2D image, but if this is checked, the image will be saved in 2D+Depth SBS format.

In-app purchase screen

You can see this screen by tapping "About Pro version" on the settings screen.
You don't need to pay to enjoy this app, but if you like this app and would like to support its development, please pay.
If you pay, the saved images will be of higher resolution.