StereoMovie Player QuickStart

  1. From Menu, choose 'File/Open'.
  2. Browse to your video folder and select a file (of the supported type).
  3. Choose the 'Input Stereo Type':-

    Side-by-side (100%) : The left and right images are joined side-by-side in that order or crossed-over.
    Side-by-side (50%) : This is a side-by-side image compressed horizontally by 50%.
    Interlaced : The left and right images are stored in the odd and even display lines (so half the information is 'lost'.
    Above/below(100%) : The left/right images are joined vertically.
    Above/below(50%) : As above, but compressed vertically by 50%
    Above/below(47.5%) : Compressed vertically by 47.5%, each image separated by a horizontal black band of 5% image-height.

  4. Choose the 'Display Stereo Type' :-

    Source : It displays the original image without any modification.
    Side-by-side: Images are displayed side-by-side for free-viewing. The 'X' key swaps the images left-for-right.
    Red/cyan : Gray anaglyph display for the red/cyan glasses.
    Red/green : Gray anaglyph display for the red/green glasses.
    Red/blue : Gray anaglyph display for red/blue glasses.
    Color anaglyph : Color anaglyph display for red/cyan glasses.
    Color anaglyph (Half color) : The 'red' image is converted to grayscale to reduce 'retinal rivalry' discomfort with strongly colored subjects.
    Interlaced : For LCD shutter-glasses working in interlaced-mode.
    Sharp 3D LCD : Vertical interlacing for the Sharp 3D LCD : The left and right images are stored in the odd and even display columns (so half the information is 'lost').
    The image is displayed full-screen and may be zoomed in and out using the mouse wheel.
    Pressing <W> will display with double size and pressing <F1> will display Help information.

    Page-flip : Page-flipping of images at full resolution using liquid crystal shutter glasses.
    It is necessary to install the nVidia stereo-drivers“™.
    Use menu option '3D(Page-Flip)/Page-Flip settings') and select ''3D Shutter Glasses Preferences' to set the stereo-driver and required screen-resolution and color-depth. (Only full screen mode)

  5. As soon as the dialog-box 'Open' button is clicked, the replay starts
    With the Sharp 3D LCD and with page-flip mode, the movie is displayed full-screen.
    Pressing <F1> will display the Help information.