How To install ffdshow VFW Codec for Casio Z750 (FORUCC M4S2)

1.We can not open Movie file without necessary Codec.
So, We have to install 'ffdshow'.(I used FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2006-02-03 SSE )
2.Select 'VFW codec configuration.
3. Click 'Codecs' in 'Decoder' tab.
4. Select 'libavcodec' in 'DivX 4' and 'FVFW,FFDS' Formt.(very important!)
5. Push 'Apply' button! then click 'OK' button.
6. Finally, you can open the movie of Casio Z750.

If you can not see the movie file, please try as follows,

Download this registory file.
Then, put in your desktop.

1. Double click 'm4s2.reg' .
2. Click 'Yes' button.
3. Click 'OK' button.
Then, try to open your movie in SMM.


How to change registry setting.

1. Select 'Run' in Start menu.
2. inpur 'regedit', then push 'OK' button.
3. Select the registory entry in the tree.
4. You can change the registry entry.(Add , Remove , etc)