Play(Left Movie)

The Left movie is shown in it's native format (not the current display format) centered on a black background for comfortable viewing.

The movie may be played or stopped using the 'Play' menu options 'Play (Left Movie)' and 'Stop'.

If, in this mode, the Play(Both) option is clicked the movie will stop. Click Play(Both) again to enter that mode.

After Stopping, the movie is displayed in the currently-selected stereo display format.

The window title-bar displays the left-movie name, starting , current and ending frame-number and image width and height in pixels.

In addition there are two toolbar icons adjacent to each other . . . .

A horizontal scrollbar shows the progress of the movie playback and the scrollbar arrows allow you to move forwards or backwards a frame at a time.
The 'Start' and 'End' buttons change the displayed-frame to the start and end of the movie.

You may drag the scrollbar with the mouse (left-button down) to an approximate position within the movie.