Page-flip Play (Both) (F3)

(this option requires the installation of Winx3D software or the NVidia stereo drivers or quad-buffered OpenGL support).

This mode is used to playback movies that are being edited.
Because two copies of the movie need to be loaded, playback performance may not match that provided by 'Play (Movie File)' .

The images are displayed in page-flipping mode using the resolution and color-depth set in '3D (Page-flip)/Page-flip Setup' and the monitor refresh-rate setup in Winx3D or the NVidia tests.
For Winx3D the alignment test is briefly displayed so that operation of your shutter-glasses may be confirmed and then the image is displayed full-screen. If there is visible flicker, use the monitor's OSD (on-screen display) to check the refresh rate. Anything less than 100Hz will produce flicker, depending on the ambient light conditions.
If necessary, choose a lower screen-resolution.

The first frame of the movie will be displayed together with the on-screen Help Menu.

Press 'F3' to start the playback.

The following keys are available :-

ESC or Enter Stop: Return to SMM
F2 or Mouse L Click.. If Playing, Stop. If stopped, continue from present frame
F3 or Mouse R Click.. If Playing, Stop. If stopped, continue from start-frame
F5 Show/Hide the playback info
X Swap left/right images
BackSpace Previous frame
Space Next frame

F1 or H ..... Show/Hide Help about the keys

The arrow keys may be used to align the images and the HOME key will reset the alignment.

The playback information consists of the current-frame number and the number of frames dropped.