Main menu/Shortcuts/Tool bar Icons

Use Ctrl+C to copy a side-by-side image of the current frame to the clipboard

Menu Items Icon Shortcuts
File Open Stereo Movie... W
Open Left/Right Movies... O
Save Stereo Movie... S
Save Left/Right Movies... . .
Most Recently Used Files... . .
Delete Most Recently Used Files... . .
Exit . Esc
View Normal (100%) J
Fit to Window F
Zoom-In Ctrl+UpArrow
Zoom-Out Ctrl+DownArrow
Fullscreen Enter
Dual Fullscreen Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Alt+Enter
Swap Left/Right X
Image-distance when reduced image E
Preferences... . Shift+B
Chromakey setting... . .
Stereo Adjustment View F5
Interlaced F4
Gray Anaglyph F6
red/cyan . .
red/green . .
red/blue . .
yellow/blue . .
Setting... . .
Color Anaglyph F7
color . .
half color . .
Setting... . .
Side-by-side F9
Mirror left Shift+F9
Mirror right Ctrl+F9
Mirror both Alt+F9
Above/Below F10
Mirror top Shift+F10
Mirror bottom Ctrl+F10
Mirror both Ctrl+Shift+F10
Chromakey .
IZ3D Monitor . Ctrl+F8
Play Stop Esc
Next frame . Space
Previous frame . Back Space
Repeat . .
Play(Left Movie) .
Play(Right Movie) .
Play(Both) F2
Play(Saved Movie) .
Play(Movie File) F11
3D (Page-flip) Play(Both) F3
Play (Saved Movie) .
Play (Movie File) F12
Page-flip Setup... . .
Frame Forward one frame(Left) Ctrl+PageUp
Back one frame(Left) Ctrl+PageDown
Forward one frame(Right) PageUp
Back one frame(Right) PageDown
Back end-frame .
Forward end-frame .
Set displayed-frame to start frame .
Reset start-frame .
Set displayed-frame to end frame .
Reset end-frame .
Adjust Easy Adjustment... . K
Auto alignment settings . .
Auto alignment . Alt+K
Crop . B
Alignment(Up) Up Arrow
Alignment(Down) Down Arrow
Alignment(Left) Left Arrow
Alignment(Right) Right Arrow
Alignment(Reset) Home
Help Help . F1
Help (WEB) . .
About... . .