Save Stereo Movie...(S)

The stereo image and sound (if any) will be saved in the AVI format either uncompressed or compressed by one of your system codecs.
If a system codec is chosen,the 'About' button may give manufacturers details and 'Configure' will open the codec's property page (if it has one).
Typically, you can set the time-interval for keyframes,the data-rate and depth of compression.

If no frames have been marked as Start or End frames, the entire movie is saved otherwise just the frames between Start and End.
The stereo formats available are Side-by-side, Above/Below, Interlaced, Gray anaglyph, Color anaglyph and Chromakey.

The Chromakey format is used when saving a left-frame with overlay or a right-frame with overlay.
See the section 'View/Chromakey Settings' .

The 'Preview during Saving' checkbox is checked by default and will display the movie frame(s) as they are processed together with status information in the window title-bar.
The status information comprises the Starting frame number, current frame being processed and Ending frame number together with the name(s) of the original movie file(s).

If The 'Resize' checkbox is not ticked, the movie will be saved with the width and height resulting from trimming (if any).

If the 'Resize' checkbox is ticked, a 'Resample' checkbox appears and if it is ticked will use bilinear resize which is higher-quality than a pixel-resize but takes longer

X() and Y() display the current-size of the movie frames (after applying alignment and/or cropping) and resize values may be entered in the boxes.

The 'Frame around Image' checkbox will surround the image with a frame whose color and width has been specified in the 'View/Preferences' dialog.