Editing List Files

First of all, use 'Make/Edit a Slideshow List' to create a basic list for a folder of images.
You can then modify that file to add or change the content.
We will use the 'sample_e.txt' supplied with the download to describe the script format.

SlideShowList;; //Stereo SlideShow File List

This is the required first entry to identify the file as a SSS slideshow list.
Comments are preceeded by a double forward slash and a double slash may also be used at the start of a line to disable an entry.


This is the name of a background music file, which should contain the full-path name if not located in the same folder as SSS.

e.g. BGMusic;F:\MyMusic\beethoven.mid;;

Any music files that play on your system with MediaPlayer (wav,mid,mp3,etc) should be suitable.

Repeat;1;; //Repeat:ON

0 OFF, do not repeat slideshow
1 ON, endlessly repeat slideshow

SlideShow;1;; //SlideShow:ON

0 OFF, turn slideshow off
1 ON, turn slideshow on

StereoEffect;1;; //StereoEffect:Random

0 No Effect
1 Random
2 Slide
3 Perspective
4 Dissolve
5 Globe
6 Roller

Click on the above to see sample animations.

StereoType;15;; //Stereo viewing method

0 Side-by-side
1 Mirror Left
2 Mirror Right
3 Mirror Both
4 Above/Below
5 Mirror Top
6 Mirror Bottom
7 Mirror Both
9 Gray Anaglyph(red/cyan)
10 Gray Anaglyph(red/green)
11 Gray Anaglyph(red/blue)
12 Gray Anaglyph(yellow/blue)
13 ColorAnaglyph
14 Half ColorAnaglyph
15 ColorAnaglyph(Dubois)
16 Color(yellow/blue)
17 Half Color(yellow/blue)
18 Row Interlaced
19 Column Interlaced
20 Sharp 3D LCD
21 3D DLP TV
23 IZ3D
24 Single Image View
27 Source Image

ScreenSize;1;; //CanvasSize:Screen size

0: Use DispWidth/DispHeight values
1: Use screen size (don't use DispWidth/DispHeight values)

//DispWidth;1024;; (disabled by the forward slashes in this file list)

Canvas width value when ScreenSize is '0'.

//DispHeight;768;; (disabled)

Canvas height value when ScreenSize is '0'.

Font;Times New Roman;; //Font:Times New Roman

Font type for comment display
The fonts are in your Winowss FONTS folder and you can see some example at http://www.ampsoft.net/webdesign-l/WindowsMacFonts.html

Comment;1;; //Comment:ON

1 ON

The list file comments take precedence over any comments embedded in the JPEG header.

CommentSize;5;; //CommentSize:Canvas height x 5%

The comment size as a percentage of canvas height.

Floatingwindow;0;; //Floatingwindow:Canvas Width x 0%

The position of the floating window in front of or behind the screen expressed as a percentage of canvas width.

11;35;0;0;0;zhyper01.jpg;Linz, Austria;;

The list of images and movies to be used in the show.
The first parameter defines stereo or left/right images :

11 Stereo image
21 Left/right independent images.

The next parameter is slideshow interval in units of 0.1 seconds.
The third parameter is left/right swap:

0 do not swap
1 swap left/right

Parameters four and five are reserved.
Parameter six is the image name.
Use full path name if not in same folder as SSS.
Your comment follows immediately after image name and may include commas.
All lines end with a double semi-colon.