Side-by-side and Above/Below Mirror Modes

Mirroring of images may be required because of the equipment used to take and/or view the stereo images.
One or both images of a displayed pair may be mirror-imaged horizontally or 'flipped' vertically.
Both horizontally-mirrored or vertically-flipped images may be saved but the 'Undo' function is not available.

'OpenStereo Image' will open the file in the current viewing mode.
Select 'Above/Below' as your current viewing-mode if you want to display it as saved.

The following shows the effect of the four options that are applied to a single image :-

Mirror-Left (Shift + F9)...

Mirror-Right (Ctrl + F9)...

Both the above may be of use when using certain projection systems or viewing two monitors with the aid of a single mirror.

Mirror-Top (Shift + F10)...

Mirror-Bottom (Ctrl + F10)...

All six options are shown with the images below :-


Left mirrored

Right mirrored

Both mirrored

Original Top mirrored Bottom mirrored Both mirrored