Sharp 3D LCD (Shift+F4)

This is used with the proprietary Sharp 3D LCD format.
It does not support other vertically-interlaced displays.

3D DLP TV (Ctrl+Alt+F4)

Images intended for 3D-ready, digital light-projection televisions use a chequer-board encoding to combine the left/right views into a single image as shown above.
Any image processing (including resizing) should be done before the final conversion to this format.
The images should be cropped and/or resized to 1920x1080 or 1280x720 depending upon the native resolution of your TV.

Above, we see an image cropped to 16:9 aspect-ration and (for convenience) displayed as a Dubois anaglyph.
(it is an extended depth-of-field image positioned in front of the window).
On the right, we see a magnified small section of the corresponding 3D DLP TV image.

SPM Multiconversion can batch-process hundreds of images and output in the 3D DLP format.
The image should be saved in BMP or TIFF format.
Connect your PC to the 3D DLP TV with a standard HDMI cable.

A list of high-definition TV's capable of displaying 3D images and video may be found here.